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Big props to DHX over at the 2K forums for whipping up this demo editor. You can edit the demo to include a bigger squad, a different difficulty, better weapons and different enemies.

Save this to your desktop and run it, apply your chosen settings then run the demo!

Classic difficulty is fucking rough. Keep in mind if you don't want a see a full alien list, you probably want to avoid this.

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I can wait 11 days for the full experience.

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I don't mind seeing the aliens or anything like that, but I'm trying to do other stuff now for the few more days of wait left. And yes, I think Classic w. Iron Man is going to be murder. I've put the clumsy controls for PC aside and I'm really looking forward to what'll hopefully be a good game that warrants several playthroughs.

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@YoThatLimp: wow nice!

I was a bit bummed out about the lack of mod support, but I'm sure that wont stop a bunch of people from doing some decent mods.

Edit: installed the demo editor :3

Mostly wanted to ramp up the difficulty to get a sense of how that works.

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