Do i need all these corpses ?!

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#1 Posted by ToxicFruit (1920 posts) -

Hi, I am about 10 hours and I have been doing my best to capture and interrogate all new aliens i fight.

But now i have this mountain of alien corpses piling up.

Do i really need all of them after i have done all the research and everything on them, or can i just sell them ?

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#2 Posted by Christoffer (2342 posts) -

You probably don't need all of them. But i just got into a situation where I had to few Muton corpses... I think it was for engineering.

Correct me if I'm wrong someone.

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#3 Posted by Wuddel (2435 posts) -

you can sell most, some foundry projects and items need them though. Certainly keep some of the heavy floater and bug (crystallid?) ones.

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#4 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Some items need certain corpses to be made, so I'd quickly look those up before disposing of an entire cache of bodies.

Usually when I had like 30 Thin Man and 30 regular alien corpses, I'd get rid of all but 10 each, just in case

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#5 Posted by ElCapitan (486 posts) -

@Tfruit: Some of the plane items that require corpses are useful...For example, I think Sectoids make Aim modules and you need certain corpses to make certain armor.

If you don't need whatever items they unlock in Engineering then you don't need them and you can sell them. If you need the credits, sell away.

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#6 Edited by Zuldim (303 posts) -

I tried to keep as many of a few types as possible (Chryssalid, and most of the late game aliens, specifically) but for things like Sectoids, Thin Men, Floaters, and even Mutons, I would only keep about 5 at a time.

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#7 Posted by BisonHero (11070 posts) -

@Tfruit: There are 3 particular corpses that are (somewhat arbitrarily) required to make one-time use buffs for your interceptors. I think you need Sectoids, Floaters (not as sure), and Cyberdiscs. So save a bunch of those, especially since Sectoids largely get phased out in the mid- and end-game. Those items come in handy, though once you have the better aircraft you don't really need them as much.

You need a certain number of Chrysalid corpses, first to research a type of armour plating (it's like improved Nanoweave Vests), then you need like 4 Chrysalid corpses each time you want to make that armour plating. But realistically, once you've bought like 2-3 of that item, that's probably all you need, so really you only need maybe 15-20 Chrysalid corpses the whole game?

Those are the ones I remember, so I'm pretty sure you can just sell Thin Man Corpses and Muton corpses with wild abandon, once you've researched the like ONE thing that requires their corpses. However, sometimes countries will say "Hey, I need X corpses of Y alien, we want to do our own study of them", and they'll give you some sort of reward if you can give them what they want. So try to hold on to a fair number of corpses in general in case countries ask, because those requests only last 20 days and usually you want to already have the corpses, because there's no guarantee you'll kill the right type of aliens within those 20 days.

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#8 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I'd just like to point out that the title of this thread is great out of context.

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#9 Posted by GloomyTangent (239 posts) -

@Ravenlight: Ahah, didn't even think about that.

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#10 Posted by kerse (2454 posts) -

I usually sell if I go above 15, I sell a lot of stuff actually, I had an over abundance of metals, I would suggest not selling elerium I had the most shortages of that.

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#11 Posted by ToxicFruit (1920 posts) -

Ok thanks for the info

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#12 Edited by Christoffer (2342 posts) -

@Ravenlight said:

I'd just like to point out that the title of this thread is great out of context.

Anything video game related is great out of context. Always sounds like a bunch of horrifying madmen

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#13 Posted by The_Ruiner (1676 posts) -

Sometimes you get requests. I got a request fr 15 sectoid corpses after i sold off all of mine..

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#14 Posted by mason (280 posts) -

Someone (not me) should make an interactive checklist of all the research and tech in the game which will auto-calculate how many resources you'll end up needing for what you plan to get.

But maybe that ruins some of the fun? I suppose the lack of clarity on what to sell and what to keep is an integral part of the XCOM experience. And you never know if a country is gonna drop a wad of cash on your doorstep for those thin man you stockpile them.

As it is, a lot of players are having a harder time than they should because they are sitting on a goldmine of resources "just in case", yet they've barely got money to scrape by. I'm near the end game, I'm flush with all the tech I ever need and yet I have so many unused/unsold materials. Could sell them after all, but why bother? 2 Firestorms in each continent? A full set of 6 archangel armors? Meh.

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#15 Posted by BisonHero (11070 posts) -

@mason: Yeah, because you never lose equipment, it does get to the point in the late game where (unless you're really screwed), you've probably bought everything worth buying. The only things you can really rebuy are S.H.I.V.s and Firestorms if they get totally obliterated, but that's fairly rare with Firestorms, unless you have literally the default weapons.

Though the huge money surplus happens less on difficulties above Normal, because you lose a good number of countries, and probably won't be flushed with cash, even near the end of the game.

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