How do you recover from losing all of your high ranking veterans?

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So I'm new to XCOM and strategy games in general, and I had to pick this up after hearing all the praise for it. It's a really awesome game as you know, but the thing that worries me is how completely ineffective rookies are later in the game. I'm worried about what'll happen if I should lose several or all of my high ranking veterans in a battle (I'm playing on Ironman mode). How do you recover from that? Is equipping them with Laser weapons and armor enough to get them through the later stages of the game long enough for them to move through the ranks and take charge?

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If you go slow & not rush it, they survive a lot better (tips on another thread in the new xcom forums). Early on the rookies are ineffective mostly from the crummy gear they have to start but once you get better gear it should make it better. Cycle through your troops on missions to make sure that you have a few high ranking people & some new ones so you don't have to worry about having just one high level squad in danger of being taken out.

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you don't.

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You usually just end up restarting the game. Thats not a joke either.  Sometimes you just have to know when it's time to call it quits

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Yeah you should basically make sure to level up at least 2 teams worth of people early on, so that you always have reserves in case of injury or death. And then just make damn fucking sure to not lose unnecessarily many soldiers towards the end. You can't bounce back a lot the time, plain and simple.

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you don't need to restart, it happened to me right before i was going to take on the final mission in my first playthrough, i lost four of my main six through overconfidence (best/most heartbreaking mission ever), so I just had to level up four newbies, it took some time, like ten or fifteen random missions, I don't remember, but at that stage in the game everything else was in the bag with regards to satellites and research so it's just a matter of a grind, that's all, you can carry on doing random missions indefinetely at that point, the hard part is behind you, starting over makes no sense, considering you'd have to do all that again.

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Bring more SHIVs to compensate for training rookies (especially if PSI is an issue) and do missions that give you new soldiers.

Do not bring more than one rookie/squaddie along to serious missions.

Play slower during missions. Most of the missions do not penalize you for taking a million turns to complete.

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this happened to me coming up to my endgame, the first time i encountered a sectopod, i also play ironman, my first time through was on normal. after a few missions and about 10 dead rookies later, i nearly threw in the towel, even with the best equipment, they just aren't very good, but then i got a few ranked up and slowly got enough of a decent team to get to the end mission and actually finish the game, trying to play it through on classic ironman now and im finding if i have a mission where it just goes bad and i lose my entire squad, I'll just start over, the problem i find is that ill play really cautiously for the first few hours then ill let it slip a little and get all my troops out of position and accidentally trigger 2/3 groups of enemies and that is when things go really bad

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In classic ironman, you say fuck it and start over because at that point, it's just a slow and inevitable path towards complete defeat.

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@seannao What exactly do SHIVs do? I've never built one (haven't been able to yet).
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I only play Ironman, so I just restart the game.

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@Voxel said:

@seannao What exactly do SHIVs do? I've never built one (haven't been able to yet).

They're disposable heavy weapons platforms that are comparable to a mid-level soldier. If your alpha squad is partially injured/wiped out and you need to train up some rookies, they can greatly bolster an inexperienced squad. There's a variant that also works as mobile cover.

They're also great as scouts. Losing a SHIV to a surprise group of aliens is preferable to losing one of your mans.

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War is hell.

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Always be saving.

Always be loading.

Always try different routes and positions during combat.

Always be rotating between at least two of each type of solider that you want.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I've been switching some soldiers out here and there in order to keep a relatively well-built up roster of soldiers so I don't have to resort to rookies in case of a disaster. It's been going really well so far.

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If you lose all your top veterans how do you recover? Uh.... Well that depends. Are you playing on any challenge setting over normal? Cause if you are the answer is "You don't." If you are playing on normal or lower (is there a lower challenge setting?) my advice is suck up the XCom Council complaints and start dragging out the game for random missions. Then pick the ones with the lower difficulties. That way your rookies have a better chance of being effective and leveling up.

Like others said level up some back ups, especially once certain officer school perks open up and people get bonus willpower. Turns out two of my best guys at end game both got started half way through my campaign. In fact I think only .... 1 person from my original first mission made it through the whole thing.

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just buy the upgrade that lets new recruits start as squaddies and you will at least not be completely useless if you lose all your guys. in my classic ironman playthrough i lost 5 of my veteran soldiers to unexpected sectoid commander mind control and made it through the rest of the game with new squaddies and my colonel sniper.

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i had to restart because i had a really badly botched mission where i lost all my good guys and i stupidly played for like 5 hours without saving.

the game i actually played to completion i rotated guys in and out pretty regularly so if i lost a guy it wasn't a massive deal cus i had 3 good snipers but only took one at a time. same with every other class, i just kept enough around.

late game? all recruits though, yeah, that'd suck bad.

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I reload >.>

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Bring a rookie along on some of your missions so they level up, that way you have a fall back. My first game, my A team got wiped out on the first alien base, and I couldn't even hope to bounce back from that.

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Gun in the mouth.

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