I put off playing this for the longest time.

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I've owned it since the day of its release, and enjoyed what I played of it at the time, but must have been distracted by other things because I didn't stick around to finish it. With the recent news of Ryan's tragic passing, I was looking for something I could play to comfort me, and I remembered how excited he was before Enemy Unknown released, and how much he loved it (being number one in his 2012 top ten list). I also happen to be on Vacation from work right now, and thank goodness because I don't know how I would have handled the last few days otherwise...

So I hunkered down with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, only taking a break to use the bathroom and to download the bombcast (and cry like a girl). I've come out on the other side of this binge session, something that I should have spaced out over a couple of weeks but instead crammed into a day and a half, drained but satisfied. What an excellent game, and it proved to be extremely therapeutic in this time of sorrow.

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I loved Enemy Unkown, I wanna go back and play an Ironman run. But it's so fucking rough in the beginning of the game when all you can do is basically shoot dudes and throw grenades.

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