I want to buy another copy of this game

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So like the title says I'm considering buying another copy of this game. Sure it's kind of crazy but I tend to travel a lot and having the pc copy means I don't get to play as much as I would if I had it on ps3. I'm just curious how that version is and if there are any huge issues with it? I know that it probably won't look or run as good as its pc counterpart but other than that are there any really big issues the game has?

I should metion I'm considering te ps3 version as I currently have the pc version

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So you have the PC version and are thinking about getting the PS3 version, correct?

I haven't heard any yang about the PS3 version but don't really have any personal experience on the matter. I think Ryan checked out all of the versions in his review so it might be worth skimming through that real quick. If there's no mention of issues on specific platforms, it's probably safe to say there aren't any major issues.

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I have the PS3 version, and can confirm that it plays fine.

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I can also say that I had no real issues when I played it on the PS3, aside from a couple system lock ups near the end of the game. Everything was fine until that happened.

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the ps3 started having frame issues toward the end but nothing that you couldn't deal with. unless they fixed it with a patch.

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Cool, I went ahead and picked it up. Thanks for the help guys

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Yep. The PS3 version has framerate issues but, as this is a completely turn-based game, it doesn't matter anywhere near as much as it would in something like, say, Far Cry 3.

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