PC demo. No save? No controller support?

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After hearing all these awesome things about the game, I figure I should at least give it a shot even though it's not my type of game.

Just got passed the tutorial with the controller. However all the buttons prompts were in Keyboard/mouse. I can navigate all the menus fine but I can't change the "Input Device" Is there some option outside the game for controller setting? Like Binary Domain where I have to change the button prompts to controller. (also a game I bought cause of the game of the year bombcast and " I NEED TO KNOW")

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The option shouldn't be outside of the game. As far as I recall, it should be in the options under "Controls" or something. At that point there should be an option that says M+KB or something, and you can switch that to Controller.

I downloaded the demo off Steam and this was back in early October, so I'm not 100% sure of the menu option names, but I know I was able to have button prompts show as my 360 controller buttons. The only issue I had with the demo was that the frame rate was pretty damn poor: the cinematics for when you're heading out to a mission was choppy as hell but gameplay was generally fine. This issue was not present for me in the full game though.

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