So what the hell just happened? (Aborting a bomb mission)

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I just lost my entire squad, and I have no idea why.

This was the first bomb defusal mission I ever had to escape from. Normally they're manageable but this time I was using low level guys and faced a wall of thin men on high ground. I had the worst luck and missed nearly every shot. Eventually I ran out of ways to reduce the counter. So I hauled ass to the evac zone.

As soon as the first soldier gets there the game asks me "continue or abort?" I say continue because I have 5 more guys who need to get in the zone. Now all of my guys are in the evac zone and it's 1 more turn until the bomb goes off. Once again the game asks "continue or abort?". I say abort. Immediately after pressing the button all my 6 of guys die. Just like that. Then it shows the bomb going off. WHY??!!!

Anyone else had to escape a bomb mission? What was I supposed to do?

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When it says 1 turn it means that turn you are moving your guys is the last one. It doesn't go to zero. So if it says 1 and you are able to move your guys that's it.

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Okay, so the bomb goes off at the end of turn when the counter is still 1. So why then would it prompt me to abort or continue the mission, and then kill my soldiers the second I press abort? Why even give me the option to leave if they're destined to die anyway? Also my guys all screamed and died BEFORE it even showed the bomb going off. The order of things were just bizarre.

This game can be weird and glitchy sometimes. Yesterday I also had an injured soldier ragdoll and his body fell off the edge of the UFO into a no-man's-land below. This isn't a physics based action game, so it's ridiculous that the game sent my soldier to bleed out in the abyss below where there's no way to save him. I chalked it up to an insta-kill that was not quite instant.

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