Squadsight Inconsistencies?

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Are there some rules to using Squad Sight that I'm just not getting? There are some times when I leave a sniper pretty much where he started on the level & he can consistently take out guys as the rest of my squad pushes forward, often regardless of the direction or things in the way. But a lot of the time my Squad Sight guys fail to get a beat on anybody despite members of my squad having firing opportunity on multiple enemies. Moving them to new locations & elevating them doesn't seem to do much either.

Do the Snipers themselves need line of sight? Am I missing something? Is the game just that janky?

A little backstory...

I encountered my first Sectopod in a terror mission this morning and it wasn't all that tough. A lower level Heavy hit it with a shredder missile at close range which took out it's drones & made it more vulnerable to hits which then allowed my two Colonel Snipers to take it out in one round with the help of double tap, headshot, & some lucky crits. The next mission Immediately following this one was a whole other story!

Investigating a landed UFO I found myself stuck in a situation facing down a long hallway with 3 Sectopods with 2 drones each & several Mutons coming at me! All of my front line guys, two Assaults, a Heavy, & a Support are held up at one end of the corridor pretty much stuck taking pot shots as there is no way to flank the enemies without running straight through them while my two Snipers set up shop in an elevated position.

One Sniper I sent forward because with Snap-Shot & In the Zone he could take out nearly all of the repair drones in one move, my other Sniper with Squad-Sight & Double Tap I left back to try and put some damage on the charging Sectopods. This tactic proved pretty useless as for some reason my squad sight guy couldn't get a line on any of the enemies AND as if noticing my defensive tactic the game then spawned 2 Berserkers and sent them Kool-Aid-Man'ing through a wall to kill my frontline guys.

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Other than the fact that snipers need to have a clear path to take the shot, I can't think of any weird rules governing Squadsight. There was a bug closer to release where snipers could hit any aliens that anyone in the squad could see regardless of LoS, but that has since been fixed.

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The only thing I can think of is maybe its being wierd because a Sectopod takes up more than one cell? Maybe one of your dudes sees part of the Sectopod, but your sniper only has a clear shot to a different part of it? I remember seeing people complaining that grenades didn't hit Sectopods correctly all the time as well.

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The game has line of sigh issues. I experienced a good number of them while I played the game where I could trace a straight line to the target and somehow the game didn't register as being able to see it.

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glad to see (ha ha) I'm not the only one running into this. Snipers still needing LOS makes sense. Just kind of a bummer when the description of the skill implies otherwise.

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