Three Moves Ahead with Jake Soloman

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Hey duders, this week's episode has a really great, in depth talk with Jake discussing design decisions with the new interview. I am fairly new to this podcast and they kind of don't pull punches when asking him about some questionable design decisions made during the development, no fluff here! Man they really take him to task about the UI and camera issues.

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I recommend anyone interested in this game to listen in to this. I enjoyed this a lot. It starts out a bit slow. I liked hearing about the cover system in specific. Thanks for linking it, Yo.

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That was a very good interview :-)

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Great episode. I love how blunt Bruce is when speaking to developers. Also a great insight into the mind of Xcom's lead designer.

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I heard they talked about this in the gamers with jobs podcast, but I didn't know it was an idle thumbs thing? or is three moves ahead separate from the regular idle thumbs podcast?

And thanks for linking! :)

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Thanks, that was a great interview.

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*Jake Solomon

Talking about how it feels like it was designed more for consoles than the PC, a thought shared by most people. It doesn't seem like Solomon wants to admit it here, and I don't really know why he won't. It isn't a bad thing, is it? It is quite apparent to most people anyway. They needed to have the UI work for both consoles and PCs, and it is easier for the PC to move more towards a console UI design than the other way around. Also, the way the inventory is described is exactly how I feel the interface in Borderlands 2 plays out on the PC. Intuitively you'd just like to be able to drag stuff around with your mouse into the Equipped item slot, like most RPGs do. A PC Inventory interface would probably show you your equipped items and your inventory bag on the same 1-Tab interactive Inventory screen. More information on the same screen, and possibly a better overview of the entirety. Instead you click on the item you want to remove, click to move over from the Equipped Items tab to the inventory tab, and click the item you'd like to switch to. Its not a big deal once you get used to it, but the immediate realization hits you nonetheless.

The comment one of the guys had that 'he knew one of the team members wore a Carapace armor' and he had to toggle through every single soldier to locate which of them had the item equipped. That approach as opposed to a perhaps bigger screen that shows your entire squad and their load-out. Providing you a better perspective of who brings what to the fight. At least you'd locate that piece of armor faster that way.

I think this is something we're going to see more and more in coming games.

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Can't wait to hear this when I get home from work.

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@YoThatLimp: Sweet, thanks for the link. I'll definitely check it out.

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Fantastic, I just started to listening to this show, cant wait for this episode ^^

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That was a great episode. I listened to a couple episodes awhile back and wasn't really into it. I'm glad I gave Three Moves Ahead a second chance.

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This confirmed quite a few of my thoughts about the design changes, and it's good to hear Solomon's reasoning behind it--especially the parts about pacing. It was a serious problem with the original game that not everyone seems to remember. It's hard to know if the changes will be justified, but I can definitely see what their thought process is behind the changes. I have a feeling the game will still force you down certain paths just like the original did, but at least they could be somewhat different paths. And maybe their procedural methods within the game will keep things loose and unpredictable. Maybe. But I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this, at least until I play the game.

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Great interview, very insightful. I'm really digging the podcast as a whole, started listening regularly not too long ago and so far it's been nothing but thoughtful, intelligent discussion about games. Me likey.

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@Funkydupe: I think so too,

At least it seems they put an effort into making the PC version as good as the could, like adding some decent key-mapping to everything (overwatch, reloading, etc), spacebar closing dialogues, double-tapping a number key does the ability and skips the confirmation, etc. Other than making every GUI twice, it seems they did as much as they could.

I'm still really torn between using mouse+keyboard or my PC gamepad, I'll have to test the final build some more.

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