XCOM on PS3 - Anyone had it crash their console?

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#1 Posted by MJHAYLETT (485 posts) -

I've had 3 total crashes now whilst playing XCOM. I have to force a reset manually which is something I only ever have to do with Bethesda games (as they run like ass on PS3) so I am a little surprised this game does it. There is slowdown and disappearing enemies and odd hang ups and texture pop in etc etc all of which are annoying but not as bad as actual crashing your console and losing unsaved progress.

So is it me with my old 60GB Backwards Compatible PS3 which chugs and blows harder than a cheap whore or is anyone else having crashes too?

Note - it really is only Bethesda games that do this to my console as I am struggling to think of the last game that did it that wasn't made by Bethesda. For instance I just played and finished Dishonored and that ran fine. Anyway I am ramblingn now.

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#2 Posted by WMWA (1223 posts) -

No hard crashes for me yet. Mad screen tearing during cut scenes but gameplay has been fine. I did have one weird thing though: I was on an abduction mission. Cleared all enemies and it still said there were aliens left. Kept giving them turns while I spent 20 minutes running around the whole damn map trying to get them to spawn. They never did so I loaded an earlier save

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#3 Posted by MJHAYLETT (485 posts) -

Glad you haven't had it crashing. Its only happened 3 times and I say only because Bethesda games have crashed into the hundreds :D I should know better than to buy them. That sounds annoying - round and round the garden! Hope you keep to the no crashes. The last one I had was a bummer as I had wiped out over half of the Aliens, including the Sectopod, mind conrtrolled a Heavy Floater and had all 6 guys reloaded and ready to finish the rest of them off and it just froze up. Combat music kept playing but only thing I could do was hard reset the console.

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#4 Edited by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

One good solid crash on 360 with guide button unresponsive/manual reboot required so far. Only minor buggyness aside from that. Framerate has been relatively stable.

edit--- installed to HD

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#5 Edited by falling_fast (2905 posts) -

no crashes. kinda shitty framerate though.

I keep a giant fan behind my ps3 to keep it cool, though, because my bricked 360 made me paranoid. and when I'm not using it it goes into a wrapped up plastic bag to try to minimize dust...

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#6 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

I just think this game is buggy overall. I have the game installed so the disc wouldn't spin. One day it randomly started spinning heavily and it then kicked me to the xbox dashboard because it said my disc was unreadable. The game still works though but now I have to sign out and back in for it to recognize that I have the game installed so the disc will stop spinning.

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#7 Posted by suikoden352 (488 posts) -

i've had numerous crashes on my side so i know how ya feel. it's super frustrating, but for some reason i keep going back to it. i'm havin weird problems of the game bugging out during cutscenes with crazy screen tearing and just jankiness all over. idk what the deal is with it but hopefully firaxis will put out a patch sometime soon for this stuff though.

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#8 Posted by Dapupeteer (12 posts) -

i have had it freeze on loading screens a few times and had to reset manually.

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#9 Posted by Captain_Insano (2705 posts) -

1 hard crash in a soldier edit. 3 times it has bugged out and just constantly had 'alien activity' during a mission. This has had the background music and noise continue but nothing progressing. That's a big reason why Ironman worries me as I have been constantly saving partly due to this issue. Hasn't detracted from the game for me but it is a bit annoying.

(This is on 360, it's installed)

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#10 Posted by SurferZ (101 posts) -

On PS3, my game was crashing on the final battle every time the main antagonist had it's first turn and the game tried to load dialogue at the same time. I had to go back to an earlier save in the battle in order to complete the game.

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#11 Posted by Morningstar (2375 posts) -

I've had 3 or 4 crashes on my xbox 360 elite with this game. Not tried it on Ps3 though.

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#12 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -

I have had one crash on my PC played about 11 hours, using game pad. Im not sure why it happened, but I think It might have been because some new alien came into view.

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#13 Posted by Kerned (1185 posts) -

I've experienced two crashes on the PS3, once in the last room of the final mission. I wasn't too happy about it.

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#14 Posted by Chop (2013 posts) -

I've had it crash once. I've got a slim, so it probably ain't your fatties fault.

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#15 Posted by MJHAYLETT (485 posts) -

oh joy my crash count now is 5 in total. Both of them today have been at the very start of a mission. The Skyranger comes in for a landing, screen goes black......and frozen PS3. Sorry to hear it has been happening on other platforms too. We need a good patch I think to fix this issue and what I really want is an option at the Squad Select Screen to unequip all Soldiers of gear so you don't have to go hunting for an item you need but forgot who has the bloody thing :D

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#16 Posted by KainCarver (132 posts) -

Yep, had multiple crashes and black screens. Even had a 7 minute plane ride back to base that failed to load. Another hard reset. Was thinking maybe my old PS3 was dying, glad it's not just me then!

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#17 Posted by NecroMongo (82 posts) -

Few crashes and sometimes missions take 3 times as long to load as they should. Another weird thing I get is when the game is transitioning from landing cutscene to combat . When I press start to skip the cutscene i get like half a second of some odd, out of place and upbeat music that I've not heard anywhere in the game....

On PS3.

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#18 Posted by KainCarver (132 posts) -

Just had another hang, usually it just goes black. Sometimes it'll hang during a Glam cam but right now - Blue screen but with the soldiers HUD. Couldn't do anything of course, just had to reset the Ps3 again. Only the 3rd mission in on 2nd play through. Had heard this was mainly once you hit the year mark or over so many missions, guess not.

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#19 Posted by jasonefmonk (378 posts) -

One crash on my PS3 slim model, I had the game running for at least 4 hours though. I assume heat was the problem.

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#20 Posted by Spoonman671 (5767 posts) -

Too often.  Always when loading.

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#21 Posted by Nodachie (86 posts) -

According to forums on Xcom's web site: It is a bug that happens when you have the last mission but instead decide to grind. So if you have the final mission queued up, just do it and then start a new game.

This happened to me several times. I'm not pissed off because OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!

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#22 Posted by Wadders (2 posts) -

I'm having so many system crashes on ps3 it getting on my tits now!! Seriously I've had to reset the ps3 4 times tonight. I thought yesterday it's my old 60gb fatty over heating so I took my whole console apart and gave it a good old clean and put it all back together (surprised it still works,lol) but still have the problems!! Come on xcom Sort your shit out!!! £40 odd this shouldn't be happening!!!!

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#23 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

I've been stuck at 3 infinite loads, all of which occurred in the same 12 hour play session, other than that I had no problems other than this one late game mission with some frame rate issues, which I think was because it was raining and I threw out 4 battle scanners and I had a couple psychic effects going and such.

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#24 Posted by Lugburz (54 posts) -

@NecroMongo: That upbeat music is normal, because that is actually the music played when you are inside a supermarket (many levels feature supermarkets or shops). To hear that music go inside the supermarket and initiate attack if their are foes and you will hear it closely. Mainly, i guess the reason why we hear that music for half second is the loading of the game and that's all, it even happens in other games, where pop textures appear a second you enter a level and then vanish.

Going back to the main topic of crashes. I would say this game is the most bugged and crashed game i ever played on the PS3. Back in the day, I thought Fallout 3 was buggy, but it doesn't compete with XCOM.

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#25 Posted by Sterling (4115 posts) -

I've been having a lot of crashes all the sudden. Had 2 fully system lock ups today, and a bunch (5 or 6) of game hangs requiring me to exit the game. I tried the Bethesda PS3 trick and it seems to have worked for this also. I deleted all but the last 4 saves and I have hadn't a problem since.

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#26 Posted by DassoBrother (18 posts) -

The game seems to be crashing everytime after playing the Skyranger landing cutscene on PS3 now for me. It started after completing construction on the Gollop Chamber. I can usually play the mission after restarting my PS3 (using the power button, the controller is unresponsive) but I feel like I should just stop and wait for a fix.

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#27 Posted by handlas (3172 posts) -

This game seems so buggy... I mean... when you can play its a great game but how in the world did this get as good of reviews as it did? I can't imagine all the reviewers got pristine copies. My game is still unplayable on the 360.

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#28 Posted by living4theday258 (694 posts) -

does anyone know if they fixed the ps3 crashing or did someone find a fix for it?

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