(Rumor) Gamestop approached Nintendo to publish Xenoblade in NA.

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#1 Posted by Juno500 (497 posts) -

Here's the link.

The anonymous source also claims that pre-orders aren't doing well so far.

I'm taking this with a very heavy grain of salt, but if it's true then it might explain why Gamestop has the exclusive.

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#2 Posted by dietmango (1785 posts) -

Pre-orders not doing too well? Huh, what a surprise. Wonder whose fault is that.

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#3 Posted by Muerthoz (366 posts) -

The Nintendo store hasn't started taking pre-orders yet. There's a lot of people who don't want to pre-order from Gamestop. 

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#4 Posted by Tackchevy (287 posts) -

In other news, recent studies have shown that at least two thirds of consumers are willing to jump through some easy hoops to get what they want.

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