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    Xenosaga: Episode III - Also Sprach Zarathustra

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 29, 2006

    The third and final episode of this Bandai Namco Japanese RPG series, released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2.

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     Xenosaga: Episode III is the third and final installment of the Xenosaga series. It's subtitled "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Thus Spoke Zarathustra), which like its predecessors, is taken from a Friedrich Nietzsche written work.  
    Episode III takes place one year after the events of Episode II. During that year Shion Uzuki resigned as Chief of First R&D at Vector to join an underground organization called Scientia. The game begins six months after Shion leaves Vector as Scientia infiltrates Vector's S-Line Division. Shion, along with the help of Shion's former assistant Miyuki, a special realian named Canaan, and the leader of Scientia Doctus, are on a mission to steal valuable top secret Vector data in order to find out more about Shion's father, the U.M.N., Gnosis terrorism, and how everything links together. 
    After barely making it out alive, Shion goes to the beach to relax where she receives a message from her old colleague Allen Ridgely with an update on the KOS-MOS development project and is invited to visit Fifth Jerusalem where the project had been transferred to. KOS-MOS was placed into the hands of the military and about to be put up against the federation's latest weapon.


    • Shion Uzuki - No longer an employee of Vector Industries following the events of Gnosis Terrorism which occurred since the conclusion of Episode II, she is now part of the underground group "Scientia". Shion is one of the creators of the battle android, KOS-MOS.
    • KOS-MOS - Short for "KOS-MOS Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems", KOS-MOS is a battle android developed at Vector Industries and created by Shion Uzuki and Kevin Winnicot. Since Shion's departure at Vector, KOS-MOS' development is now headed by Chief Allen Ridgely.
    • MOMO -  A Realian created by Joachim Mizrahi, and designed to look similar to his deceased daughter, Sakura.  MOMO is the holder of the "Y Data", which is the archive of all of Mizrahi's work.
    • Jr. - Also known as Rubedo due to his red hair, Jr. is a U.R.T.V. (U-DO Retro Virus), whose purpose is to eliminate the mysterious U-DO phenomenon.
    • chaos - Referred to by some as Yeshua, chaos is a very mysterious individual, whose past is shrouded in mystery. During Episode III, it is revealed that chaos is the human incarnation of a power known as "Anima".
    • Ziggy - A combat cyborg, Ziggurat 8 is a combat cyborg assigned the task of recovering and protecting MOMO in Episode I.  In Episode III, he finally confronts Voyager, the man who killed his wife and child, and led to his wanting to eliminate his human life.
    • Jin Uzuki - The older brother of Shion, Jin is a master swordsman. In Episode III, Jin renews his bitter rivalry with Margulis, and also helps Shion when she discovers truths she never imagined.
    • T-elos - Code TP - XX, T-elos is, like KOS-MOS, a battle android designed to fight against the Gnosis. It is also designed to be KOS-MOS' replacement.

    Battle System

     Episode III Battle
     Episode III Battle
     The battle system in Xenosaga Episode III is a traditional menu based battle system, this is a marked departure from the "Zone" based battle system found in Episode II. The AP/Stock system from the previous games has been removed and returning is a streamlined version of the break system that has a gauge of its own. A character can now use the BOOST system to jump in line and be the next to perform an action, or build them to perform a more powerful attack.  Also new to Episode III is the "Character Change" option which allows you to swap attacker characters with reserve characters whenever you like when it's their turn.

    ES Battles

    ES battles have also received an overhaul.  ES actions are limited per turn by an energy gauge, and certain actions consume a set amount.  Energy is upgradable as the game progresses.
    As you attack, an "Anima Gauge" builds up, and when it becomes full, your ES can unleash the power of the Anima contained within, and perform special Anima Attacks which deal much more damage than your standard attack.

    Minigame: HaKox

     WIthin Xenosaga Episode III, you will find arcade looking machines where you can play a 3D puzzle minigame called "HaKox".  HaKox is a game where you move characters to their respective goals. Completion of stages within HaKox will result in winning useful, and some rare items one cannot find elsewhere in the game.


     Disc One
    No. Title Length
    1. "a prelude to the tragedy"   2:00
    2. "fallout"   2:03
    3. "we've got to believe in something"   3:06
    4. "a dark omen"   2:27
    5. "forgotten sanctuary"   2:26
    6. "creeping into"   2:15
    7. "the battle of your soul"   3:07
    8. "rolling down the U.M.N."   2:07
    9. "in a limestone cave"   2:17
    10. "inferno"   1:54
    11. "on our ways"   2:36
    12. "a new world"   2:11
    13. "T-elos"   2:22
    14. "the Miltia incidents"   3:05
    15. "Febronia"   2:51
    16. "promised pain"   3:07
    17. "mother, I miss you"   2:21
    18. "fate"   2:11
    19. "Zarathustra dangeon"   2:17
    20. "shifting territories"   3:21
    21. "hepatica#2"   1:42
    22. "the harsh truth"   2:08
    23. "to the last place"   1:53
      Disc Two
    No. Title Length
    1. "hepatica (KOS-MOS)"   5:14
    2. "battleland"   3:34
    3. "a memory of a tragedy"   1:40
    4. "testament"   3:44
    5. "survive"   3:08
    6. "T-elos#2"   2:12
    7. "she's coming back"   1:57
    8. "when the grief lets you go"   2:33
    9. "godsibb"   3:23
    10. "Febronia#2"   2:13
    11. "crisis coming"   2:50
    12. "a new world#2"   1:55
    13. "outrageous"   2:41
    14. "when the grief lets you go #2"   3:22
    15. "I love you, sincerely"   3:32
    16. "hepatica#3~I believe in you"   7:52
    17. "maybe tomorrow~ending medley"   7:43

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