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Xigbar, the Freeshooter, is number II in Organization XIII (behind Xemnas). He was already half-Xehanort. He fights with twin guns and is capable of shooting small red laser arrows that home in on his opponents, and can also fire large blue laser arrows after charging up, which bounce around the area thanks to Xigbar's ability to manipulate gravity. He can also manipulate space and does to to releport and hang upside-down in midair. He also manipulates space so that he can shoot through a portal, and the bullet will then appear out of another portal at another location. He can also combine his two gus together and shoot at his opponents from a distance. Like all other Organization members, Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed Xigbar to be playable in the upcoming DS title "Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days". Nomura has stated that "Xigbar's attacks will have a high range, although he will have a slow reload time."


A screenshot of Xigbar and Sora's battle
A screenshot of Xigbar and Sora's battle

Xigbar's first appearance in the Kingdom Heart's series was near the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II in Hollow Bastion. After Sora, Aerith, Leon, Yuffie and Sora battle Dusk Nobodies which are appearing all over the place, Sora, Donald and Goofy are led away from the main part of town and hear voices mocking them. Sora demands that they show themselves, and the remaining 5 members of Organization XIII appear (five members were killed in Chain of Memories, Roxas had merged with Sora and Axel was now a renegade) laughing, although all of them are in their hooded costumes, and thus individually unrecognizable.

As every member leaves, Xigbar stays back and mocks Sora further, warning of the Organization's power. He also compares Sora to Ventus from Birth by Sleep, but Sora dismisses this comment not knowing what he is talking about. (Originally before Birth by Sleep came out, players assumed he meant Roxas. Tetsuya Nomura however stated in an interview that this was an allusion to Ventus instead). Xigbar then leaves, and makes his next appearance at the Land of the Dragons, where he is confronted by Sora at the Emporor's Palace, but summons Nobodies to distract Sora and escape. He then summons a massive dragon Heartless and departs.

Xigbar would make his final appearance in the game in The World that Never Was (inside The Castle that Never Was, Organization XIII's headquarters), where he battles Sora in the Hall of Empty Melodies and after not long after Xigbar appears, mysteriously stating that Sora was not "Half the hero the others were". He call's Sora "Roxas" and tells him that he shouldn't have betrayed the Organization, only to be defeated by Sora. Xigbar's dying words were "Wouldn't you like to know?" after he is asked by Sora why he called him Roxas.

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