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    Heckler and Koch designed the XM8 weapon platform as a replacement for the Colt M4 and the M16. Production of the XM8 was cancelled in 2005.

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    The XM8 was a prototype weapon platform for the United States Military, that had been developed from the late 1990s until 2005. The intention behind the design was to make the XM8 the designated infantry rifle of the US military, removing the M4 and M16 assault rifles from service. German firearms company Heckler and Koch were responsible for the XM8 rifle series.
    The XM8 cannot be considered as merely an assault rifle. It was intended to be a complete weapons system, that could be taken apart and fitted with appropriate parts for a situation. The designs available included the standard assault rifle role, a support weapon ( XM8 LMG), and a shorter barrelled carbine ( XM8c). The US were aiming to receive a superior rifle to their current armaments, and something that was financially cheaper in addition. The initial prototypes of the XM8 were sent out in 2003, and were preliminarily tested.  

    In Games

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    In Battlefield Bad Company, the XM8 Prototype is nothing more than average. The key appeal is that it has high accuracy, offset with average rate of fire and damage. The XM8 Prototype is one of the first guns that players can collect in the game, and appears in Welcome to Bad Company, which is the starting mission. Considering the fact it is beside an objective it is almost impossible to miss this weapon. The XM8 Prototype has a 50 round clip, and three additional magazines. It also has a unique XM320 Grenade Launcher, which was designed for the XM8 project.

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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    In Battlefield Bad Company 2, the XM8 Prototype is the staple gun of the campaign. Upon starting the game you will automatically unlock an XM8, complete with an ACOG Scope to aid accuracy. The weapon has a 30 round magazine this time, unlike the 50 it contained in the original Bad Company. This is more accurate to real life. The XM8 is the first unlock for the Assault class, and is acquired with 3000 Assault Points. The XM8 is one of the best early unlocks for any class in the game, and deals high damage. The main flaws with the weapon are recoil, which builds quickly when firing fully automatic, and the lower rate of fire than the majority of weapons. The XM8 is one of the most common assault rifles for the Assault class regardless of the player's rank. Again, the weapon is outfitted with the XM320 Grenade Launcher.

    Rainbow Six: Vegas

    The M8, as it is known in Rainbow Six Vegas is an average assault rifle in all respects. The key appeal is the higher accuracy than the majority of other rifles, which allows the option of outfitting it with a scope. It can become a longer range marksman rifle, assuming the player fires single shots. The M8 has extremely poor iron sights, so fitting an optic is an extremely good idea.

    Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

    In Vegas 2, the M8 is much improved over its previous iteration in the Vegas series. While it still is outclassed by the majority of Assault Rifles, the M8 has two benefits that may interest players. When suppressed, the M8 is the quietest weapon in the game. This could potentially be an advantage online should someone play stealthily. Additionally, it has the least recoil when used with a scope, allowing it to be an ideal marksman's rifle.

    Saints Row 2

    In Saints Row 2, the XM8 appears with the name of "AR-50". There are two variants of the gun: one of which has a Grenade Launcher, and one which does not. The XMAC version has a grenade launcher, but both weapons are extremely useful. They are arguably superior to the AR200 at countering enemies and vehicles due to the fact they spew bullets at the highest rate of any weapon in the game - excluding the Minigun. The name is potentially referencing the aim of the XM8 to replace the M4 and M16, as the M16A1 in the game is called the " AR-40 XTND".


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