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    XQuest is a space-themed action game.

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    In XQuest, you are tasked with controlling a small spaceship in order to collect valuable crystals. These crystals are contained in a walled-off section of space, and the walls are deadly. So are the mines which are sprinkled through the area. There are also enemy fighters around, complicating matters further. However, you are not defenseless. Your ship fires bullets and SmartBombs to dispatch fighters and mines.

    Some of the crystal floating through space are SuperCrystals. These give you special powerups (such as faster bullets), but they are fragile and can be accidentally shattered by a stray bullet. When all the crystals have been collected, a gate opens to the next level.

    Technical Specification

    XQuest has 256-colour VGA graphics and runs in 320x400 resolution. Sound is played through the Soundblaster card.


    The player spaceship is controlled using the mouse. Bullets are fired with the left mouse button.


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