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The term is often used to describe things that are "Rad" or "Bodacious", or if you are a resident of the fine state of Kentucky, "Tubular". This term also refers to the naming concept that many games have decided to adopt. These games either add an unnecessary X or Z, replace an EX with just a plain X, or change an S or K into a Z or X (See Tom Clancy's Hawx). There is a rarer form of this extreme naming that takes the form of replacing a CS or KS with an X (See Winx Club: Mission Enchantix). This newer form of naming is not recommended for new franchises (See the disappointing sales of Boom Blox). In the most Xtreme, rarest of circumstances, a game has both Xtreme Naming and Letters Replaced by Numbers (see Bratz 4 Real). This type of naming should be approached with Xtreme caution, for it is untested and could be unsafe for consumption.

Many people high up in the games publishing industry believe that naming a game in such an "Xtreme" way will garner more interest from a younger demographic. Many believe that the success of the Imagine: Babyz line of games owe their entire success to this extreme naming convention. Others may think that it is unnecessary to name a baby care sim in such an extreme manner, but the sales figures stand for themselves. The developers who create these fine games may cringe every time they replace that S into a Z while writing out their resume, but they can rest easy knowing that they have kept the "Xtreme" naming technique going for another console generation.

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