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Xuan Dou Zhi Wang is a 2D fighting game from Tencent Games and Jade Studios. It is currently only available in China as a free to play title similar to MMORPG type games.


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Xuan Dou Zhi Wang (commonly abbreviated as XD) features combat that is closely related to The King of Fighters, such as four-button fighting game. The buttons are labeled as Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Punch, and Heavy Kick respectively. There is also a universal attack known as the "Blowback" that will always knock down the opponent; it is performed by pressing HP+HK. Perhaps the most important of these options are KOF's four types of jumps. In addition to the normal jump, there is the Super Jump (performed by pressing down, then holding an upward direction) which allows the character to travel across much of the screen, but makes them very vulnerable to attacks. The Short Hop, performed by quickly tapping and releasing an upward direction, causes the character to perform a much smaller jump. Finally, the Hyper Hop, performed by pressing down, then quickly tapping up-left or up-right, makes the character perform a far-traveling, low-height jump. These jumps allow the player to attack from several different angles.

The Roll is another key mechanic. Rolling allows the player to get around certain attacks, most notably projectiles, and can be used to confuse the opponent after a knockdown.

In order to balance the numerous attack options, there are two separate mechanics implemented to help players deal with offensive pressure. Guard Cancel Blowback, performed by pressing HP+HK while blocking an attack, causes the character to immediately perform their Blowback; likewise, Guard Cancel Roll, performed by pressing LP+LK while blocking an attack, causes the action to freeze for a short moment while the player's character rolls out of the way. Both of these attacks use 1 stock of super meter.

One difference between XD and KoF are the inclusion of two button throws, which is commonly seen as a staple of the Street Fighter series ever since Street Fighter Alpha 3. Throws in XD are performed by pressing LP+HP simultaneously, or Back+LP+HP to perform a back throw, throwing your enemy behind you.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang features an RPG style leveling system that is mostly used for matchmaking. The more games you play the higher your level is, even when you lose you still gain experience. The game uses this to help match you with players of similar skill levels. Characters also progress levels, and at level 30, a "Hidden" Supermove is unlocked.

The online component is also one of the most important features of the game, as the main design of the game is the MMO component. The netcode is a rollback based peer to peer netcode similar to that used in GGPO to help minimize online lag.


The following are characters that are currently included as playable characters:


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