Chapter Six is Non-Stop...Yikes.

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I thought I would get a few minutes of play in before work. I pretty much saved the night before to the very start of Chapter Six. Well, low and behold, that entire chapter, after a small mission, was boss battles and long CG and in-game cutscenes I was an hour late for work...luckily I'm the boss and I can get away with that sometimes.

Seems to me that chapter was a bit bottom heavy with stuff that you could not save out of easily without having to repeat cutscenes and setup. It was probably one of teh better story moving chapters, but still a bit much if you get trapped doing it when you just wanted to dip your toe in.

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Get used to it. I am further along and you never know what will happen when you go into a story mission. Some get long and move along pretty quickly. I kind of distinctly divide my time into "fucking around open world sidequest/business" time and "main story" time. If I have time constraints I just stick with messing around.

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Yeah this becomes more common in later chapters. The story begins to pick up the pace in such a way that you'll be better off avoiding it if you can't commit for the next 40 minutes or so.

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That's just how that series is. I think 3,4 and 5 all pretty much ended with what felt like 2 hour long fights/bossfights with some cutscenes inbetween.

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