E3 2016 - Fresh new demo in English

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#1 Posted by DarkbeatDK (2489 posts) -

PlayStation sat down with Nagoshi-san for the English demo of Yakuza 0. I'm so hype for this game!

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#2 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1026 posts) -

The dominatrix who can't work because she is too nice is a classic conundrum. I found it pretty amusing that Kazuma felt the need to give a helping hand. Kazuma knows how to dominate.

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@cerberus3dog: Kazuma is a fantastic role model. He looks like a super tough hoodlum if you don't know anything about the games, but he'll help anyone with anything and fight injustice every time he sees it.

The whole taxi-company/illegal drift racing arch of Yakuza 5 was fantastic!

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#4 Posted by Shindig (4944 posts) -

Pocket tissues confirmed.

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I am always wanting more yakuza, can't wait but some of the mini games this time seem well i guess par for the course

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thanks. good stuff

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#7 Posted by OMGFather (1043 posts) -

Damn, was hoping for this year.

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You can sprint? Holy shit.

I love these games but they got kind of bloated with 4 & 5 i'm glad this one seems more scaled back. And 80's Kamurocho seems like a glorius thing.

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#9 Posted by madman356647 (827 posts) -

I am so damn hyped for this thing. 5 was great, and this looks to be even better.

Just give me a date Sega (beyond early 2017).

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#10 Posted by LastBestHope (49 posts) -

I've played the demo for this on my Japanese PSN account and it has many upgrades to the feel of Yakuza games that I've wanted for a while now. Combat feels much better and the look and size of the city is even more immersive. Game is absolutely gorgeous as well. Can't wait to see more of Takeshi Kitano.

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P.S. The dev looks like he should be in the game

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@lastbesthope: The transformation of Toshihiro Nagoshi over the years has been something else. Rather than simply being a game inspired by the criminal underworld, I understand he has worked with actual former yakuza to make the elements of the game as authentic as possible and he is clearly a yakuza fan himself. I don't think he's involved with the actual Yakuza... I mean, he works at SEGA, not Konami.

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