Is anyone going to try to Platinum this game?

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The biggest obstacle for me is the rhythm mini-games. My TV has terrible input lag and sometimes I forget where the buttons are on the PS4 controller. Having done the disco mini-game for the first time, even on easy I barely got one star. Karaoke wasn't so bad but stresses me out how fast some of the button presses are needed.

Everything else I can pretty much do. The real estate mini-game is so easy once you figure out the mechanics. The Cabaret club is fun but controls terrible. Pocket Racers and Cat Fights are all about RNG. Legend difficulty isn't that much harder except for the escort missions and car chase.

I've already put 30 hours into the game and will probably need another 80 to do it but Disco is probably gonna break me...

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I am! I have 75 hours and my completion list is only 30%, and one trophy is for 100% completion list, so I'm in for the long haul. But I'm gonna enjoy every moment of it. This game was one of the most fun things I've experienced in the last decade, and has made the rest of the series an insta-buy for me. Kiwami is now my most anticipated 2017 release.

So plan right now is to knock out all the Kiryu side stuff in Free Adventure mode, then I'll switch to Majima and do his completion stuff, then Climax battled, then a quick rush through the story on Legend, getting those few odd trophies for doing story scenarios specific ways.

Have to imagine it'll be one of the more rare Platinum Trophies.

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I love this game to bits, but that is far, far too much of a time investment. This being my first Yakuza game, I also don't want to burn out on what makes this series so precious. I'm very much looking forwards to jumping into the remake of 1 later this year, and then the next installment once that is released.

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As someone who has platinumed this game and Yakuza 3, I would not recommend the platinum to anyone. xD. It took me over 200 hours. Yep.

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The rhythm dancing minigame is just too fucking much for sadly or otherwise I would give it a go :(

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Nah, it makes the Bloodborne Platinum seem positively miniscule.

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I suck incredibly bad at the disco rhythm game, that was the only side quest I didn't do. Getting 100% seems incredibly tedious though.

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