Not played the game in a year

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I got to chapter 3 and haven’t played it in a year. Can I just watch the cutscenes again from the main menu or is there critical story stuff that I would be missing if I don’t reply the first few chapters?

I remember most of the sub stories I did but don’t remember everything from the main story. I would prefer to not have to play 15 hours again but I will if I would be missing something. Thanks!

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Some info dumps and plot stuff is delivered outside of cutscenes (in the text only conversations you have in the game world), but if you have played the section before you will probably get most of the stuff you need from the cutscenes and remember the important stuff that is not in cutscenes. Even if you don`t remember everything it will probably be fine since the game is decent at recapping and reminding you of the most important stuff.

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Or you could just watch the first couple (few, several?) Beast in the Easts until they get up to chapter 3. More enjoyable than trying to find info on a wiki and probably less time consuming than replaying.

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I thought that there were 'last time on' style cutscenes for when you switched to a new perspective, if so combining that with just rewatching some of the bigger scenes would probably be enough?

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I recall there being chapter recaps. You'll be fine.

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I think you can watch the unlocked cutscenes from the menu before you jump in?

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Just watch all of Beast in the East

It won't solve your problem, but it'll be fun anyway

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