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Just want to report in that the PC version is working great. (At least for me)

the game isn't very demanding and I have no problems running in 4k (at times @200fps). It is really cheap too. (under $20)

The xbox one controller works fine too. This is my first Yakuza game - i'm not sure i'll be able to make it all the way thru. So far i'm not very very good at the combat (or karaoke)

EDIT: to save anyplace (it will be a menu option)


Edit settings.ini and change SaveAnywhere=0 to SaveAnywhere=1

w00t for PC!

here is some vide of it. But I assume it is pretty much the same as on the ps4 pro. There is a setting that allows cutscenes to unlock from the default 30fps. (it is under the advanced options.)

Anyone else playing it?

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I’m eyeballing it hard. I want to get into Yakuza, but I figure I’ll start from the begining, hopefully this year.

I’d love to see them come to Xbox, but PC or PS4 is cool, too.

I’ll have to see what my dusty old rig can pull off here...

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@zurv: 4k 200fps with what video card though?

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I'm not very far yet but I've been playing it at 4k with my R9 290 with max settings at mostly 60fps, some dips into the 50s. The port seems great. I already watched the GB playthrough but I'm excited to go through it on my own.

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@hakunin: Thanks for the link. Just started up the game and had some audio popping in the first cutscene. Hopefully that will fix it.

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I have this weird stuttering thing happen occasionally, mainly during cutscenes where the frame rate will fluctuate rapidly causing everything to start and stop, slow down and speed up rapidly back to back for a quick half a second and then go back to normal. It seems to only happen in transitional cutscenes.

It doesn't happen frequently enough to be a problem really and it would be nitpicky to harp on it but I was wondering if anyone else had this happen at all? Besides that, I have no complaints and this seems like an excellent port.

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@fatalbanana: the cutscense are a lot more demanding. They are also locked to 30fps, which could be jarring. Are you leaving them locked at 30 or unlocking it?

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@zurv: So what you’re saying is, with my 980ti I’ll get like 30fps at 4k.

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@zurv: The frame rate is unlocked I'm pushing 144(ish) fps during gameplay. Are you saying I can unlock the frame rate of the cutscenes?

edit: Okay, I found the option. Weird that I missed that going through the first time. I'll see if that fixes it, thanks!

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@zurv: when you inevitably buy a bunch of new GPUs at the end of this year I'll buy one of those Titans from you, save one for me dude

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@nutter Yakuza 0 is the perfect game to start, a prequel to the rest, even the devs mention that this is meant to be an entry way for new fans. I doubt it's super demanding since it uses a PS3 engine while still looking kinda great. (Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 finally got a new one made for PS4)

20$ is a steal for this game. Not only is the main story extremely good but the sidequests and activities are awesome and there's easily content here for 80 hours. (Main story's around 20). If anybody wants to get into Yakuza or is still thinking about the purchase, stop. Just do it, jump in. Either on PS4 or PC, just do it, it's worth it.

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The game is running on the PS3 era build of the engine, it was never going to take much to run unless it was ported in a uniquely horrible fashion.

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I bought it too. I'm not positive if I'll play all of it, since I already saw most of what it had to offer through Beast in the East. But I felt I had to support Sega here, both because of how much enjoyment I got from Beast (same reason I bought Contradiction) and I really want to encourage a developer that sets such a reasonable price for a PC port of an older game (unlike, say, SquareEnix and their $50 price tag for FFXII).

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I pre-ordered it but have yet to play it. I will soon though.

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I’m so torn on whether I should get this on PC to play in 4K considering I’ve put in like 6 hours already on PS4. How much better does it really look with the graphics cranked and at 4k? I’ve been playing on PS4 Pro so I’m already getting a pretty solid 60fps.

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I started playing and it's great! I'm invested in the story and the side stuff is funny. I want to finish this.

I saw on the steam forums that there are issues if your fps is above 100, my fps is 75 and I haven't encountered any technical worries.

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Save anyplace:


Edit settings.ini and change SaveAnywhere=0 to SaveAnywhere=1

Now you can save from the menu.

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@haneybd87: you can look at the video i put in the first post ^_- ( you can play it on your ps4 and switch between the mauled YT video and the game.

6 hours isn't that deep in (i think) :)

It is also really nice that you can save any place in the PC version.

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@zurv: Well, it is YouTube, I’m sure the game would look better compared to that.

6 hours is like my whole weeks gaming time sadly.

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I played for a good hour or so today and it seems to run great.

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i watched beast in the east. it was glorious.

but i swear to god, not a damn thing comes close to actually beating your way up through the HQ to kuze.

and majima has the best character intro in a video game i have ever seen, or will likely ever see.

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I wound up buying it on PS4 today, as my wife wanted to watch.

This game is PRETTY GODDAMN GOOD so far. We must’ve sunk 6 hours in today, which is more than I generally make time to play in a week.

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Got a consistent crash today that triggers when beginning a certain substory (I Am Kazuma-kun). As far as I can tell, there's no way to complete the substory until it's patched. 40 hours in, and that's the only crash--the only technical hiccup at all--so I can't complain too much. Absolutely loving the game.

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I’m here to say that Yakuza 0 on PC is very good.

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How are the mkb controls?

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@lumbermancer: Bad, highly recommend avoiding if you aren't using a controller.

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@lumbermancer: There are M+KB controls, but they straight up have a screen that suggests you don't use them.

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@lumbermancer: There are M+KB controls, but they straight up have a screen that suggests you don't use them.

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this is accurate though! Man i'm excited these games are coming to pc, i bought up till 5 (minus 3 as it didn't work) and am still working through that game on ps3.

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I've been playing for about 25 hours and I've had 2 hard crashes happen. It's not the worst thing in the world, but in a game with no auto saving it is wholly annoying. Especially when you have gone through like 4 side quests and picked up 3 new telephone cards since your last save, it's not easy to remember where everything was on the map.
@jurck: Damn that's where my 2nd crash happened too. Thanks for the warning.

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Loving it so far. I get pretty distracted with the side stuff, a lot of which is quite good in this game. I really like Mahjong, though this game might be cheating a bit and giving me better draws than I should get. Also Fantasy Zone is pretty addictive to try and get farther in. Though my bar is probably a bit low given that I even like the JCC stuff.

I really enjoyed Beast in the East but man they really failed to grasp how the fighting works in this game...you can learn some pretty brutal heat moves.

Has been running flawlessly for me aside from the one bugged quest (crash to desktop) mentioned in some previous posts. They had a patch for it but it got rolled back due to it causing other issues, so I'm hopeful that will get fixed soon.

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so safe to do the racer mini game? :)

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It seems so, I'm going to test it right now.

EDIT: Works perfectly!

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