Well, the demo is out in NA/EU

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This game is mad Japanese. I do appreciate them not wasting time with English VA and just subbing everything.
It's still pretty enjoyable, I liked the brawling system, and the arcade games and karaoke were fun (and pretty funny).
Probably the closest game I can relate it to is Saints Row, where it's an open world game that's serious one minute and ridiculous and over the top the next.
Seems like a neat game, definitely going to check it out when it releases.

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#2 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

ooo sweet, thanks for the notice.
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oh my god. I need it now. I seriously, really want to play the first two. no copies anywhere >< 

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Tried it out, I thought the combat was awful but I'm new to the series so was probably doing it wrong.

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sweet. i liked the demo a year ago (japan) and i probably missed a lot but it was still fun. im downloading it now.

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Played the demo. Combat is ehh. The karaoke mini-game was hilarious though.

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fun fact about the combat i didn't pick up til the end:  you can grab a dude when he is still on the ground and you'll like grab his leg
i got by ok i think not reading any of the instructions, the only thing i couldn't figure out at first were dodges and how to pick up items in the world. i think combat would be better with some kind of soft lock-on system.

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#8 Posted by Kr3lian (324 posts) -

Played the demo tonight.  This game is bad.  There is the RPGesque text windows.  The jerky and sloppy combat with gaudy life-bars.  The near complete lack of interactivity with the environment.  I really hope this is just a crappy demo, because if this game is really this bad...well...I'll have a renewed appreciation for GTA4, that's for sure.

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#9 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -

GTA IV had an interactive environment? 

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I just played the demo. What is such a big deal about this game, it seems so primitive to me... the combat was so clunky and it's kind of annoying how there really isn't a lock on, you just have to mash buttons through guys, and what the hell is up with all the text boxes? I realize that they put them there because we can't understand Japanese but by the time you know it's there, it's gone and if you're standing around a bunch of people it's like a text box overload. Also, the graphics are pretty terrible.  
Taking a look through the menus though, there is a leveling system but I'm not sure about the depth of it. Basically what I see so far is that you can only upgrade like 5 different things which will grant you different abilities... Seems like a pretty average game though. I might pick this up if I can find it for cheap used. Definitnely not a full price purchase for me... I was really expecting something different I guess.

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Use R1 as a lock-on. The only problem is that you need to be facing/near an enemy before it'll happen. If you notice, while you're holding it, you're character will stay facing the enemy and strafe around them.

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I love the style of it and how japanese it isbut the gameplay....not so much

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@Dan_CiTi: For the most part, the environment in GTA4 is interactive.  The physics may be shit, and the level of interactivity isn't great, but it is interactive nonetheless.  In the Yakuza 3 demo, for instance, you can run up to some roadblocks, but you are not able to pass them.  It is as if there is an invisible plexiglass wall between you and the roadblocks.  In GTA4, you can run into and even knock over most roadblocks.  For those that don't move, the hit detection is at least reasonable. Similarly, if there is a ledge or staircase in GTA4, you can stand on it or climb it provided you can get to it.  The invisible walls abound in that Yakuza 3 demo. In GTA 4, if you see a vehicle, you can almost certainly hijack and drive it around.  In the Yakuza 3 demo, every single object might have well been a big invisible cube, for all of your ability to do anything to it. 
Now I have only played the demo.  But if the game is more of the same, it is a bad bad bad game.
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#14 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -
@Kr3lian: I understand where you are coming from but: 
1. You're right, it is only the demo 
2. Yakuza isn't about hijacking cars and doing the same things you do in GTA4. It more like a Shenmue type of game, but focused on crime. 
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@Dan_CiTi said:
" @Kr3lian: I understand where you are coming from but: 1. You're right, it is only the demo 2. Yakuza isn't about hijacking cars and doing the same things you do in GTA4. It more like a Shenmue type of game, but focused on crime.  "
Well I hope you're right.  Nonetheless, I think I'll wait for the reviews to roll in before I put it in the gamefly queue...

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