Yakuza 3 Dating Sim

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A while back I got the japanese demo for Yakuza 3 and I remember going into a restaurant and doing some sort of dating sim game. I just got the English demo and I can't find the place. If anyone can look on their map and tell me the name of the place it would help!

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#2 Posted by shadows_kill (3094 posts) -

yeah i remember doing that in the jap one too and couldnt find it in the US one.. was it taken out?

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Maybe they thought that the western audience would be less interested in it compared to the japanese, so they took it out for the english demo. Makes sense, it is to my understanding the dating sims are a good deal less popular over here than in Japan.

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those are just hostess clubs they are in all the games. 
and in #2 you got to be a host

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