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Yakuza 4: Once More Down the Mirroring Rabbit Hole 23

When high profile Japanese games have been released overseas in recent years, they tend to garner a sort of critically analytical reception. Employing tropes and gameplay mechanics that are distinct and often operate differently than their western counterparts, Japanese games tend to, for better or for worse, attract the label of being “so Japanese” in terms of sensibilities and the sort of audience they attract. Although Yakuza 4 does exhibit some of these same apparent quirks, it's ultimately ...

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A much needed improvement, but not quite enough. 1

A Ryu ga Gotoku game without Kiryu at center stage? Some might say it's sacrilegious, but I say it's about time. The strongest part of the RgG series has always been it's characters, and oddly enough, Kiryu has always been one of the weaker ones. The jump from 1 main character to 4 is a pretty odd choice for a series that evolves as slowly as this one, but it's one of the best things about RgG4.  Of the new characters Tanimura is by far my favorite. Both his fighting style and character storylin...

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Intrigue, Murder, and don't forget the Fighting. 0

Yakuza 3 was probably my unexpected gem of games in 2010. I was pleasantly surprised at how they thought of new players and were able to get them on track by recapping the story in the main menu. It also had some pretty deliberate and slow pacing going on which might turn away some of the more instant-action seeking crowd, but if you gave it a chance the story was very satisfying and the characters were interesting. But does Yakuza 4 do any of this better or worse?Well, to be fair a lot of it di...

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Don't think of this as "GTA, but with more Asian dudes" 0

This is actually the first Yakuza game I've ever played, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. In the back of my mind, I thought "this is going to be just like Grand Theft Auto, but with Japanese people, right?" Well, no, not quite.If you're like me and have never played a Yakuza game before, luckily, to catch you up, Yakuza 4 has a "Reminisce" mode, which essentially allows you to play all the cut-scenes from the first three games. This is terrific for those of you who have never played it - w...

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Tokyo's dirty little secret. 0

Yakuza 4 is set around Kamurocho, one of the fabulous crime-filled fictional districts of Tokyo. If you’re not into gambling, dining, or hostess clubs, you’re sure to find something violent to do in this mob infested location. This was my first experience with the Yakuza series and what an experience it turned out to be. I was recommended the game from a friend who knew I liked the Shenmue series from the SEGA Dreamcast days. When I first loaded this game up, I was a bit disappointed...

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