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A JRPG set in the Yakuza franchise, starring a brand new protagonist.


On the eve of New Years Day 2001, Kasuga "Ichi" Ichiban works as a collector for the Arakawa Family, doing his best to repay the oyabun who took him in, Masumi Arakawa. Masumi calls on Ichi to take the rap when one of his officers is caught murdering a rival Yakuza. Ichi serves 18 years in prison, only to discover upon release that the Tojo Clan is all but gone and the Arakawa clan has sold out to their hated rivals, the Omi Alliance, to stay alive while the new Tokyo Governor is instituting heavy-handed "reforms" across Kamurocho.

Betrayed by his former clan, Ichi leads a motley band of allies including an almost-retired policeman, a homeless doctor, and a hostess as he tries to find where his loyalties lie and get revenge on the people who betrayed him.


The game had previously been teased during the announcement of Yakuza Online and Project Judge. It has since been officially unveiled on March 20th, 2018, where Sega has also set up an audition for young actresses set to play Ichiban's female partner.


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