Best Yakuza series moment?

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#1 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

Because I've just seen the 'moment' in Yakuza 6 and I'm starting to try and remember all the stupid things from the other games. What drops your jaw when it comes to the very, very daft decisions everybody seems to make in this crime family saga?

I err... really like the Princess League from Yakuza 5. All of it. Haruka dominates it to the point where her rivals become her backing singers. And then she ruins it in the name of family. It's outstanding. There's others, right? The tiger fight from 2, the bear fight from 5. All the dumb sidestories and such.


I mean, discuss.

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The scene in Yakuza 4 where Majima and Saejima meet again for the first time in years and walk through kamurocho, with the streets sealed of by a thousand yakuza in black suits standing at the side. One of the early seminal moments for me with that series.

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Any of Saejima's revelations from 4 because he just WHIPS OUT A WOOD BLOCK AND CARVES IT. Like, who does that?

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Nugget the chicken is definitely pretty high up there.

Saejima walking down the street with that gun in his mouth to single handedly "kill" all those dudes in 4.

Akiyama dance battle in 5.

Like half of Majima's scenes throughout the series.

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Goddamn you, shindig. I was gonna be the one to say Haruka's "Kiryu Kazuma's my family. Peace. I'm out, fuckers." *mic drop* That cemented it for me: Haruka's my personal favorite character in Yakuza. I would have bet money on me being the only one to single that out as my favorite moment - and it is - in a series about punching dudes and staring down the barrel of a gun like its a super soaker. Damn it.

Well, barring THAT one, I'll have to say the ending of Yakuza 4. The 8-man tornado tag match on top of Millenium Tower... holy shit, that fight.

From Zero, I really like the post-credits scene with Kiryu and Majima. Hearing Goro say "Kiryu-chan!" for the "first" time was strangely heartwarming.

Oh, and also from 4: The part where Saejima, fresh out of prison, considers doing some very... untoward things to Haruka before backing off and Kiryu walking in. I mention this one only due to the Two Best Friends' commentary in their LP turning awkward/unsettling into hilarity. "Can you imagine... How DEAD... Saejima would have been?!"

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#6 Posted by odinsmana (982 posts) -

The final bosses of 4, 5 and 0 are all really strong.

There are also the two amazing animal moments:

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Haruka protecting Kiryu when Jingu is about to shoot him is another great moment.

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#7 Posted by LittleWask (115 posts) -

Having only played Zero, my expertise is somewhat lacking. From what I have played, though, my favorite moment of that game BY FAR was the mission where the guy wanted to walk across Iwao Bridge in his varsity jacket, but every time he tries he gets beat up. I don't why I found this so funny, but I was dying laughing the whole time. The guy is just so adamant about it being his life's dream to walk proudly across the bridge wearing his jacket, coupled with the inevitability that people will become so annoyed with his confidence that they invariably try to beat him up over it. Just so brilliant.

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#8 Posted by OMGFather (1066 posts) -

There's so many, I've probably forgot most unfortunately. I freaking loved Takasugi from Yakuza 5. The whole game you're led to believe he's a scumbag loan shark and when you learn he's really been on Shinada's side the whole time it was a great revelation.

Y3 SPOILERS Rikiya's death was heartbreaking.

Those two really stick out for me.

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#9 Posted by briarpack (354 posts) -

I really, really, really like Kiryu sidestepping two javelins in Yakuza 5. Sums up the entire series pretty well.

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#10 Posted by BoOzak (2681 posts) -

I dont think I can pick a favourite (the finales are all great, although the millenium tower is basically this series Metal Gear in that regard) but I love it every time it's revealed that there is a secret arena or fight club in the dumbest places.

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#11 Posted by DemiGodRaven (401 posts) -

Going to second the giant shirtless dude throwdown that ends Yakuza 4, it may be where I really locked in with the series. The bear fight in 5 is also fantastic.

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#12 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

Man, this is really helping jog my memory. Majima just being a normal guy acting crazy is something I've warmed to. As is his introduction in 0 at the nightclub. Saejima packing his heat ready to kill his Patriach, too. He has so many guns on him he has to keep one in his mouth.

I'll add one non-spoiler one from Yakuza 6: Whilst high drama is going on the foreground, Beat Takeshi has someone in a boston crab in the background.

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The entire final boss with Ryuji in Yakuza 2, and dat boss track.

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I wish he was the final boss and not the machine gun scumbag.

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@shindig: He is? There is no more battles after this one, this is the finale.

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#16 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

Ah, you beat Ryuji, fight machine gun man and then fight Ryuji again. I stopped on machine gun guy and never saw the final battle.

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#17 Posted by TheChris (550 posts) -

@shindig: Ye, you fight Terada then Ryuji shows up and saves you, demanding one last fight with you as the snow is pouring down both Kiryu and Ryuji are battle beaten and there is a bomb counting down. That fight is phenomenal.

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#18 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

How very Korean Liquid Snake of him. Also, I love how 'Men in Black' is code for Koreans in the series.

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yakuza ishin has hands down the most epic boss fights in the series all of them godlike but my fave is this one

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It's either the final boss fight in Yakuza 1 or Yakuza 2 for me. I love the goofy side of these games, but both of those super intense climactic showdowns are what really sold me on the series back in the day. 0 also has a ton of moments I absolutely love though.

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Majima's introduction in 0 was super badass, but I pretty much feel that anything with Akiyama in 4 was amazing. It was a big risk to move to different characters, and boy howdy did they start with the best.

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There really is so many, but off the top of my head

The final battle of all these games except for 5. and pretty much any time a fight in this series gets one of those dramatic intros with the name of the boss

the ending of 6 and 0 (specifically majima's portion of the ending) destroyed me.

and then there's just great dialogue moments scattered throughout the series that showcases all the character's honorable traits that its hard to narrow down.

oh and shoutout to Kuze in 0, every time he appeared it definitely left an impression.

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#23 Posted by cannonballBAM (792 posts) -

Akiyama in 4; the game should of been all about him.

Anytime anyone throws their dress shirt and suit jacket. It's like the Sentai role call of the Yakuza games.

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#24 Posted by Stryfeman (31 posts) -

I enjoyed the curry adventure in Yakuza 4

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#25 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

The more and more I think about 5's climax, the dafter it is. The other leads talk a man down from shooting / blowing up a pop concert. THEY REDUCE HIM TO TEARS.

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