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    Yasutora Sado

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    Ichigo Kurosaki's classmate and all around strong guy. A calm soul that doesn't wish to fight unless it's to help others and never for himself. He has brute strength from his training with his grandfather in Mexico. He was raised in tough conditions and learnt to control his anger...

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    Chad is unfortunately not normal compared to others in his school. Largest of his friends, Chad is a calm spirited person who does not like to fight unless he must protect the ones he loves. Chad meet up with Ichigo when he saved him from a gang of bullies attacking Ichigo because of his hair colour. Since that moment, Ichigo and Chad have always been together, protecting each other.

    Chad has been in many serious fights since discovering Ichigo was a Soul Reaper. Following Ichigo into the Soul Society and Heuco Mondo, Chad has fought with Captains, Espada, and stronger Aranccar. Thanks to the memories of his grandfather and Ichigo`s friendship, Chad has discovered that he has powers as well. The giant arm he gains is similar to a Hollow`s power. He has trained which Renji from Squad 11, and discovered his true power.


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