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    A dog-shaped robot in the Yatterman universe used that acts like a fire engine of sorts. It was eventually rebuilt into Yatter-King after it was destroyed.

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    Yatter-wan is a large, canine-shaped robot that appears in the Tatsunoko series Yatterman as a helper to Yatterman 1 and Yatterman 2.  The "wan" portion of its name is the Japanese way of mimicking a dog's bark.
    Yatter-wan is able to consume special bone-shaped snacks that trigger a chemical reaction in his system, producing small hordes of robots that he deploys from his mouth.  In the Yatterman anime
     Yatter-wan spraying fire as patter of one of Yatterman-1's super attacks.
     Yatter-wan spraying fire as patter of one of Yatterman-1's super attacks.
    series, the robots produced varied from episode to episode as a "suprise robot of the week," that would generally prove instrumental in destroying whatever mecha that the Dorombo Gang were using in that episode.

    Game Appearances

    Yatter-wan appears in both Tatsunoko vs. Capcom:  Cross Generation of Heroes and its update Ultimate All Stars.  In both games, it is part of Yatterman-1's super attacks.  Its most powerful attack "This Week's Surprise Robot" stuns Yatterman-1's opponent before deploying a hor de of small robots that deal significant damage.
    Yatter-wan also appears in Chun-Li's ending in Cross Generation of Heroes, where it bursts through a wall in order to dispense tiny Chun-Li robots that subsequently explode, taking out a group of villains.

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