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    Yellow Comet

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    Yellow Comet is the homeland of Kanbei, Sonja, Grimm and Sensei.

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    Yellow Comet is a country from the Advance Wars series modeled after East Asia (primarily Japan). The country, its territories, and its commanding officers are always the third to appear in campaign mode. Kanbei, the emperor of Yellow Comet, leads the country as well as its military force with the help of his daughter Sonja who is head of intelligence. Two other COs are introduced in the sequels include Kanbei's old mentor, Sensei, who helps command when the homeland is in danger. And Grimm, a hard hitting commander with little focus on defense, with an appetite to match his boisterous attitude.

    Advance Wars

    In Advance Wars, Orange Star run across Yellow Comet territory in Cosmo Land when chasing Olaf. They originally planned to pass through quickly but are caught, mistaken for an invasion and forced to fight three to six missions in order to break though to Green Earth. Three missions involve fighting Kanbei.
    • Kanbei Arrives
    • Mighty Kanbei
    • Kanbei's Error
    Beating these missions fast enough unlock three more against Sonja and guarantee Kanbei's assistance in The Final Battle against Sturm.
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Sami Marches On!
    • Sonja's Goal

    Advance Wars 2

    The Yellow Comet homeland is the setting of the third campaign in Advance Wars 2. Kanbei, Sonja, and Sensei try to defend their country from the Black Hole CO Adder in eight missions. Two for each CO with two missions where the player can select a CO. Only three missions are available at the start.
    • Silo Scramble
    • Sensei's Return
    • Show Stopper
    • Duty and Honor
    • A Mirror Darkly
    • Foul Play
    • Sea of Hope (Lab Mission)
    • The Hunt's End (Factory Mission)

    Advance Wars: Dual Strike

    In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Grimm and Sensei join up with Rachel's Allied Nations group after a test of their strength in a war game. They represent Yellow Comet and are available for CO Select after mission 12, "Lightning Strikes".

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