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The Yellow Devil (also known as the Rock Monster due to Nintendo of America censorship) is the first Wily boss seen in the Mega Man series of games. It is a gigantic yellow blob which can break down into parts and move. His weakness is the Thunder Beam, a weapon acquired from Elec Man in Mega Man
This boss has been an example of the "Start Glitch" in Mega Man. If the player keeps hitting Select when the Thunder Beam is shot, the attack keeps hurting the Yellow Devil and soon empties the health meter, thus progressing the game more.

Other Games

In later titles, the idea of the Yellow Devil has been used. Most notably, Mega Man 3 states one boss is just a new type of Yellow Devil (Yellow Devil Mk. 2). Other forms of the Yellow Devil also include Green Devil ( Mega Man 8) and New Yellow Devil ( Super Adventure Rockman). He also has a dark variation in Mega Man X5.

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