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Yogventures! was a Kickstarter funded game being made by Winterkewl Games LLC. Yogventures! was heavily influenced by Minecraft as the main focus of the game is exploring and creating objects in randomly generated worlds. The game stars YouTube personalities Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley from the Yogscast voicing their in-game avatars Honeydew and Xephos respectively. Ultimately the game was cancelled, as the project turned out to be much more ambitious than Winterkewl originally thought. While Winterkewl's next move is unknown, the Yogscast have shifted their focus (and the benefits to their Kickstarter supporters) to Nerd Kingdom's TUG, or "The Untitled Game".


The game was funded through a Kickstarter event which launched April 6th, 2012 that was asking for $250,000 for the development of the game. The event ended May 6th, 2012 fully funded with $567,665 being pledged to the development.


The game was announced to be ready for an open beta scheduled for January 2013. Early access to the beta could be secured by pre-ordering the game through

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