Anyone playing Yoku's Island Express?

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Pretty much as the topic title asks, has anyone been playing Yoku's Island Express, which just came out on almost everything (Switch, PS4, XBOX1 and Steam)? I've played a little bit of it today and even though I've only spent 30 minutes on it, I had a smile all the way through. Yoku's Island Express is a weird but fun mix of Metroidvania style exploration and pinball, as you will use pinball flippers and tables to either solve puzzles or get into different areas on the island. The pinball physics feel tight and as you explore the island, you'll get new items and abilities for you to use. It also has an adorable painted art style with some pleasant music in the background. But the crazy thing is, all you are is a cute dung beetle (named Yoku) who's just trying to relieve the duty of a former postman and take over his job as a new postman. Yet you're doing your business on a pinball-filled island and you happen to have this sphere attached to you all the time!

Here's the launch trailer for those interested:

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I kept reading this as Yoshi's Island. I have never heard of Yoku's Island.

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The game looks excellent and is reviewing well. I definitely want to check it out but have not had a chance to yet. I'm also torn on what platform to play it on.

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Yep, just picked it up on Steam. It's super charming.

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Got this on Switch and have played an hour or two. Really liking it and will likely have my vote for biggest surprise this year.

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Been playing it and it's absolutely wonderful.

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I can't wait until the quick look for six months by two staff members that have no love or knowledge of metroidvanias or pinball.

I'm joking, of course. Thinking back to the Floor Kids quick look. When that came out around Christmas I was like please let Jeff and Alex review this together. I think I even tweeted them about it. And May we get a quick look by Ben and Brad, both of whom admit that neither of them have much familiarity with or fondness for breakdancing (and I believe Ben even admits that he's not great at rhythm games).

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@youeightit: Yeah I thought it was weird we got a Floor Kids quick look that late after release. Hopefully Yoku gets more immediate attention. I can see Jeff loving this as the pinball itself is a lot of fun and is smartly intertwined with the Metroidvania exploration of the map. Maybe we see it on UPF tonight? I hope so.

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Just so the trailer and this game looks awesome!

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Just completed main story this weekend, this game is Real fun and such a charm. Real great Music choice for end game part :)

Played the whole game handheld mode on Switch.

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They mentioned on UPF that they wanted to check it out but I get the feeling that the proximity to E3 might ruin the chance of getting a quick look of this game. Seriously, this game is the best indie I've played in a really long time. I'm never compelled to get a platinum trophy for games but I'm on track for doing so with this one.

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All I know is, there’s a character named Spina that you have to help with a particular task. And if that doesn’t get at least nominated for Best Moment this year, then what am I even doing here.

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This really has me intrigued now after Jeff's (and others') glowing endorsement(s) on the most recent Bombcast. Might be my next Switch pickup after I finish up with DKC Tropical Freeze,

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Well, I just started this today, and it's good to see that they mastered whatever the hell black magic it is that all digital pinball games have where I can hit the thing I don't want to hit 683 times in a row when I don't want to hit it, but the second I DO want to hit, the rat fucker instantly becomes impossible for me to make contact with. I am really enjoying this game, and finding myself having to punch a pillow occasionally at the same time.

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I did the first boss fight last night, and I was so enamored with how it was set up using the same mechanics as the rest of the game while having a fun twist on it. I want to leave work and go play it more, but I'm trying not to burn myself out.

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I played it, it’s super fun! Very relaxing. The punishments for screwing up even a boss fight are pretty chill, you just lose some of your fruit. I beat the game after around 6-7 hours which included some of the sidequests but not all. After the final boss the game allows you to continue playing to wrap up everything else. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys metroidvanias or pinball games!

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I finished it a couple days ago, took me about 5-6 hours. Super charming game. Love the music and art style. Pretty challenging as well and playing it gave me a newfound interest in pinball.

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Just picked it up on Xbox sale. And then immediately finished it in 2 days :D (~7 hours). I think it's a unique genre-mixture that mostly works, although I was way more excited for the actual pinball setpieces than the light metroidvania exploration/backtracking. A decent amount of hidden stuff and collectibles for those who want more.

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Thank you for your feelings. A nice game indeed! The game is rather fine and really cool, I like the atmosphere and the mix. Not yet tested.

I was able to read some feedback / test announcing 4 / 5h to finish the game and a little more to finish at 100%.


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