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    Yosuke Hanamura

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    Clumsy boy and comic relief character who sports reddish-brown hair and wears red headphones around his neck. Uses dual knives or kunai in battle and his initial persona is Jiraiya of the Magician Arcana which uses Wind, Heal and Stat Buff magic.

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    In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, Yosuke is one of the first characters to befriend Yu Narukami, the main character. Yosuke and Chie are the first two characters to accompany the player into the TV, and Yosuke is the first one present when the party meet Teddie. There is a recurring theme in the early game of Yosuke's plums being injured.

    Yosuke is used mainly as source of comic relief during the game, although he is occasionally shown acting with a more serious attitude when discussing the death of Saki Konishi. His family manages the local Junes store, the location at which the party enters the TV world. In combat Yosuke uses kunai and wears yellow glasses when inside the TV world whilst having his earphones on which he constantly wears. When not in school on a Sunday Yosuke wears a ski jacket and an orange t-shirt which goes with his earphones, suggesting his main colour in the game is orange, the orange colour can also be seen in a lot of concept drawings of Yosuke.

    Yosuke's initial Persona is Jiraiya of the Magician Arcana, which transforms into Susano-o when the Social Link is completed, removing Yosuke's weakness to lightning.



    In combat, Yosuke is primarily used do deal wind damage. Over the course of his skill progression, he becomes a valuable ally to the team. Notwithstanding his stellar magic statistic, he also learns a number of healing spells, and the useful buff, "Masakukaja", increasing player hit rate and evasion rate. Furthermore, he also learns the skill "Tentarafoo", a move which confuses all enemies if successful. Despite the fact he's primarily a caster (Denoted by his affiliation with the magician arcana), he learns the skill "Brave Blade", the second most powerful physical attack. Yosuke's follow up attack is called "Yosuke strike" which is guaranteed to do a critical hit and knock the enemy down. As aforementioned, Yosuke attacks with Kunai/twin knives.

    Persona 4 Arena

    In Persona 4 Arena, two months after the conclusion of Persona 4, Yosuke is working at Junes at the start of Golden Week when he is informed of the Midnight Channel's return. Even more troublesome is the fact that Teddie has disappeared. After his worst fears are confirmed and he sees an ad for the P-1 Grand Prix on the Midnight Channel that night, he meets Yu Narukami, Chie, and Yukiko the next day, and the decision is made to return to the TV world and figure out what's going on.

    Move List

    Furious Action

    • Dodge (B + D): An invincible counter that negates an opponent's attack and inflicts damage.


    • Tentarafoo (236C or D) [SB / P]: Jiraiya sucks in air, and slaps the ground, blowing air into the opponent. It is unblockable and causes "panic status", which temporarily reverses the opponent's left and right controls.
    • Dash Spring (236A or B) [SB]: Yosuke rushes forward and bounces on the opponent.
    • Flying Kunai (j.236 or 214 + C or D) [SB]: Yosuke jumps up and throws some daggers into the ground, which makes the opponent bounce into the air on hit.
    • Moonsault (j.236A or 214A or B) [SB]: Yosuke jumps and flips in the air.
    • Crescent Slash (A): During Moonsault, Yosuke will slash downwards at the opponent.
    • Mirage Slash (j.2C or D) [SB / P]: Jiraiya sends Yosuke hurling downwards and he then slides towards his opponent.

    SP Skills

    • Garudyne (236236C or D) [P / AIR]: Yosuke calls upon Jiraiya to envelop himself in a large whirlwind that players control for a short period of time.

    Awakened SP Skill

    • Sukukaja (214214C or D) [P]: Yosuke has Jiraiya cast Sukukaja, which increases Yosuke's speed significantly.

    Instant Kill

    • Brave Blade (222C + D) [P]: Yosuke and Jiraiya attack the opponent with a barrage of slashes after sending them in the air.

    Social Link


    During his Social Link, Yosuke initially relates to the player through both of them being from the big city and moving to Inaba. They talk about how they felt moving from the big city to a small rural town. You learn that initially Yosuke was very much against the move of opening the large Junes chain store because of his fear in making the people of the shopping district hate him and his family. Even though everyone from the shopping district hated this due to them losing customers. Even though he was hated by her, he fell for Saki and constantly laments over her death. At the end of the social link, Yosuke challenges the main character to a fight. Through the help of the player Yosuke is able to come to terms with her death and form an everlasting friendship with the player.

    After completing Yosuke's social link, the player receives a Buddy Bandage and the ability to create Mada of the Magician Arcana.


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