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    You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 30, 1996

    Eight hundred new questions and several new question types will challenge players' trivia skills in Volume 2 of Jellyvision's quiz show party game series.

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    You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 is a trivia party game co-developed by Jellyvision (now Jackbox Games) and Berkeley Systems and originally published by Sierra in 1996 for PC and Macintosh. It is framed as a quiz game show in which one to three players can compete to earn virtual cash by answering a series of trivia questions. The series is notable for its comedic presentation and dialogue, most of which is delivered by an unseen host who provides the questions as well as his own commentary.

    This edition of You Don't Know Jack contains eight hundred general trivia questions and is emceed by fictional host "Buzz Lippman" (voiced by Peter B. Spector).


    Released just over a year after the original You Don't Know Jack, Volume 2 follows its predecessor's established format with an all-new set of trivia questions. The "Screw Your Neighbor," "Don't Be A Wimp" and "Burned" features are all carried over from the original game.

    Question Types

    Like the original, the majority of questions in Volume 2 are multiple choice. Volume 2 also retains the "Gibberish Question" and "Fiber Optic Field Trip" special question types from the first game, and there are several new types introduced:

    • DisOrDat: A minigame played by only one player with a thirty-second time limit. A series of seven subjects is displayed one-at-a-time, and the player must place each subject into one of two different categories.
    • Fill in the Blank: These questions require players to type their answers using the keyboard after buzzing in.
    • Whatshisname Question: The host tries to remember a certain name and provides three clues over the course of several seconds. Players can buzz in at any time before typing the answer.
    • Picture Question: An image is displayed and the host will ask a multiple-choice question about it.
    • Celebrity Collect Call: A rare question type that is very similar to Fiber Optic Field Trip. After calling a celebrity guest, the host asks them to write their own multiple-choice question worth $5000. The host then transfers the guest to Cookie they can compose their question, which is presented at the start of Round 2. Featured celebrities include Kevin Bacon, Dana Carvey, Tim Allen and Vanessa Williams.

    As with every edition of You Don't Know Jack, the final round is the Jack Attack.


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