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Hosts of the video game show

Nate Shapiro

Voice Actor: Harry Gottlieb

Buzz Lippman

Voice Actor: Peter B. Spector

Jack Cake

Voice Actor: Paul Kaye

Cookie Masterson

Voice Actor: Tom Gottlieb

Quizmaster Jack

Voice Actor: Axel Malzacher, Kai Taschner

Guy Towers

Voice Actor: Andy Poland

Josh "Schmitty" Schmitstinstein

Voice Actor: Phil Ridarelli

"Screw" your opponent


In the various number of You Don't Know Jack titles, a screw is given at the beginning and half of each game to screw the other players. When using the screw, the player that you chose to use it on is forced to answer the question that is presented. The player who gets screwed is given ten seconds to make a choice, and if they get the answer correct, then they receive money and the player who used the screw loses money.

Types of questions

Gibberish Questions: With these questions players are given an incoherent phrase that when vocalized rhymes with a popular expression or title.


  • Question - "Signed: Furs Cheap? Curse you, Sir Sleepers."
  • Answer - "Finders keepers, losers weepers."

Fill in the Blank

Multiple Choice Question
Multiple Choice Question

The answers to the question were not laid out in multiple choice format, instead the answer had to be typed out by the player who buzzed in first.

Picture Question

A picture was presented with a question that corresponded to it.

Dis Or Dat

One player has 30 seconds to match two different categories with seven subjects that are presented. If the player selected a category that did not match the subject they would lose money for every instance that would occur.

Resurrection of the Franchise

It was revealed during an E3 2010 Bombcast that THQ and Jellyvision reached an agreement to produce a new "You Don't Know Jack" game, the first in almost 8 years. It was later released in February 2011 on current consoles. The following year, a Facebook version of the game appeared, where players can play asynchronously against their Facebook friends.


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