Best "Game" game of 2010?

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Sure it's not game for core gamers but of all the Kinect games i think this is a great proof of concept.  The full body scanning and motion tracking really shows off what the Kinect can do i think. 
I'm somewhat surprised there hasn't been more discussion about it. 

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I think it is awful training wise. A personal trainer would give you a mix of different routines you should perform over the week. Your Shape just lets you select one routine and then you do this every day. Thats not enough for training. Not even in addition to over sports. You have to manually select that.

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@Wuddel:  How would you say it compares to something like Wii Fit(don't have a Wii so i'm curious)? 

I think the "games" are alot of fun.  I like the Virtual Smash aswell as that hula-hoop game, they even got something that resembles DDR. 
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I'm too ashamed to discuss it :P
I'd like to stick with a bit more and try and get something out of it, but I always end up popping un DC or Sports instead. 
I agree with Wuddel that a trainer and a gym is vastly superior, but at the same time Your Shape is obviously better than nothing (the typically alternative).

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