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Ys III: Wanderers From Ys is the third entry in the Ys series. Taking place nearly three years after the events in Ys I & II, Adol and his companion, Dogi, have been wandering the land. On their journey, the two had heard rumors regarding Dogi's hometown, Redmont, that prompted them to venture there. Dogi's hometown, located in the land of Felghana, had been experiencing crop failure as well as vicious nighttime attacks. Not afraid of the danger, Adol and Dogi set forth on their new adventure.

Ys III, like its predecessors, was originally released on the NEC PC-8801 and its upgraded version PC-9801 in 1989. It was soon ported to other Japanese home computers, like the MSX and Sharp X68000. A couple of years later, it was ported to the SNES, Genesis and TurboGrafx-CD. These console ports all received English localizations.

Ys III would be remade as Ys: The Oath in Felghana for the PC in 2005. It follows the same story, but uses the engine from Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim. Its PSP and 2012 Steam re-release versions were localized into English by XSEED.

When released Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded scores of 7,8,7,8 saying, "...misses the high mark of the original. There is little or no challenge here and the whole quest is too straightforward for an adventure game".


Ys III features several new additions to the Ys series, while also retaining several components. The most important change comes in the form of it's gameplay. No longer played from a top-down perspective, Ys III is played from a side-scrolling perspective not unlike another Falcom-developed title, Sorcerian. With a change in perspective also comes a change in game mechanics. Players now have direct control over Adol's ability to attack, either with ducking, forward, or overhead sword attacks, which is a major departure from the previous game. In Ys I & II, players had to come in contact with enemies in order to damage them, as the majority of attacks were done automatically. Only in Ys II did players have a controllable attack in the form of a fireball. Another major change is the ability to jump. Since Ys III is also a platformer, the game has been given vertical depth, and as such, Adol needs the ability to jump to attack certain enemies and overcome obstacles. Yet another change to the gameplay system is the omission of magic points. Replaced by consumable rings, players can accrue a stock of them by defeating enemies, and subsequently use them to power the different permanent rings that Adol finds over the course of his adventure. Also of note, is that Ys III does not feature as much back-tracking as it's predecessors, and is much shorter in length because of it.

As for the components that Ys III kept, the first would be the wearable rings. Found at various points in the game, Adol can obtain five different rings - power, shield, time, heal, and protection - that have the same properties as they did in the previous games. Adol must also buy or find the different swords, shields, and armors throughout the game, with five items per category just like the previous games. In addition to Adol's equipment, he must also find an array of items, keys, and objects to aid him in his journey and to open up new paths. Ys III also has an experience point system like the previous games, however, depending on the version played, the game will either feature diminishing experience points ( TGCD) or not ( SNES). Ys III also allows players to save at any time they wish, except during boss fights.


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