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Addictive-Old-School-Action-JRPG-Fun 0

Let me just get this out there before I start: I've never played any of the Ys games before this one. In fact, I didn't know anything at all about them other than that they were Japanese and looked like RPGs from the back of the boxes and the screenshots. I picked this one up on Steam, I guess, because the new Ys game on the Vita was getting some really good reviews, and I wanted to find out what all the hubbub was about. As you can see by the five-star review, I was pleasantly surprised by...

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Origin builds on the formula with a solid, constructed experience 0

I love how the PC is allowing people to embrace its gaming history by constantly getting older titles updated to work on newer hardware and operating systems. Places like Steam open up a new world for recent PC gamers to dabble in these relics. Lately, it has also given gamers the opportunity to play previously Japanese only videogames in full English. Ys Origin (released in 2006 in Japan) is one of those titles that never saw the light of day outside of Japan. That is until Xseed got the rights...

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Adequate, fun, flawed 0

I've enjoyed the game for the time that I've played it. The battle system is frenetic, the music is fantastic, graphics are solid for the games origins and age. It is fairly straight forward dungeon crawling, which I like, as there isn't much fluff to get in the way. Very little grinding, bosses are pretty epic and very fun. I like how the camera can change/be fixed in some sections to allow you to run around the large bosses.Down side is that it is more straight forward than it wants you to bel...

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