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The game picks up right after the end of the fourth game. Yusei and the other Signers have defeated the Dark Signers, New Domino City and Satellite City are finally connected together and everything is at peace. In order to show the world New Domino city holds a dueling tournaments, World Racing Grand Prix (WRGP) but once again a new enemy appears and it is up to Yusei and the gang to stop the threat before it wipes out New Domino City along with everyone else. You play a faceless character, who tags along with the others taking out the enemy and playing in daily tournaments held at the stadium.

UMD Recognition

Like the other games in the series, Tag force 5 comes with UMD recognition which unlocks new cards and different clothes for some characters

  • Yugioh GX TF unlocks a Poncho version of Yusei. The cards it unlocks are the Dark Magician, Silfer the Sky God Dragon, Malefic Truth Dragon and Philosopher's Stone - Sabatiel.
  • Yugioh GX TF2 unlocks the Academy version of Akiza. The cards unlocked are The Winged Dragon of Ra, Power Wall, Red Eyes B. Dragon, and Malefic Red Eyes B. Dragon.
  • Yugioh GX TF3 unlocks the Academy version of Luna. The cards unlocked are Blue Eyes White Dragon, Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor and Miracle Contact.
  • Yugioh 5D TF4 unlocks the Academy version of Leo. The cards unlocked are Hundred Eyes Dragon, Malefic Stardust Dragon, Cursed Prison and Dark Magician Girl.

And if you have all four game you can unlock two more cards, Gatling Ogre and Berserk Soul.


There is a list of cards and characters you unlock after beating the game in the each character:

CharacterCard x3New Character
YuseiShooting Star DragonVizor
JackRed Nova DragonNone
CrowBlack Winged DragonLazar (shows up after sundown)
LeoPower Tool DragonKalin Kessler (shows up after sundown)
LunaAncient Fairy DragonLester
AkizaBlack Rose DragonSherry LeBlanc
TrudgeGoyo GuardianMina
CarlyFuture VisionNone
LazarJester QueenFake Jack
MinaDark Armed DragonNone
Sherry LeBlancChevalier De FleurNone
VizorTech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000Primo
LesterMachine Emperor Skiel Infinity
PrimoMachine Emperor Wisel Infinity
JakboMachine Emperor Grannel Infinity
Fake JackDark Highlander
KalinInfernity Doom Dragon

Note: There are alternate costume which can be obtained after beating characters 50 times, the characters that have them are Akiza, Yusei, Leo and Luna.


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