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    Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Falsebound Kingdom

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 04, 2003

    Falsebound Kingdom features two different story lines where the characters from the popular anime are sent to a virtual world. Instead of using cards for dueling, characters use a party of 3 monsters while moving about maps in a Real-Time Strategy manner.

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    A real time strategy game based on the designs of the Yugioh card game and of the Yugioh anime. This game was a departure for the Yugioh series since it went for the strategy game design rather than copying the card game structure. The game followed 2 story lines, Yugi's and Kaiba's, and charges the player with taking over enemy castles and territories while collecting and forming teams of monsters.


    You can start by either choosing Seto or Yugi as a starting character. As you go through the game characters like Teá, Tristan, and Joey will join your side, You will even run into Mei Valentine.

    Yugi's story take him through the game as the rebel leader opposing the king and his helper Seto. As you go from level to level you will not only run into characters that you can recruit but also creatures such as Summoned Skull and Dark Magician. Yugi will eventually have to battle Seto and right after that battle where you both decide to have Peace and attack the King. Scott Irvine, the game's designer, however was playing as King Heishin and was trying to get rid of Seto by bringing Yugi into the game as well as unlocking. However now that they are at peace Scott takes matters into his own hands and changes the encoding in the game leaving Yugi and Seto very little chance to escape. (depending on which level you are playing on {easy,medium,hard} the next part will be harder) Now your only way to escape is to defeat everyone in your path and defeat Scott. In this storyline before you run into Scott you will battle his minion Darknite who will use Obelisk the Tormenter in this story line.

    In Seto story line much of the same things happen except that you do not gain the power of Yugi's friends until you have battled Yugi. Seto upon entering the game was given the role as the emperors guard and took command of his army. However he eventually turns on the emperor. As the story progresses the emperor kidnaps Mokuba, Seto's brother which eventually lead to him fighting Yugi. In this story Darknite uses Slifer the Sky Dragon.

    When you reach the final battle the game turns from the virtual world and appears to be like the inside of a comp. (somewhat like what you see in the movie the Matrix)

    Once the final battle is over everyone is released form the game and live a normal life again.

    This will also unlock a prelude story with Joey as the main character. He will be fighting Merick who uses Ra the Sun God


    The game works like halo wars. It runs in the realtime settings allowing very little time to plan a strategy. The game will also allows for items to be bought like revival items and cannons for the castle. The downside to the game is that it will take to long and who really wants to sit around and stay on the same level for 2 hours and still be on your first try to beat it.A good thing is that when you complete one story you can play the other story with all the creature you gathered from the first story. The bad news is the game jacks up a level making it harder and the God will be at level 99 when you fight it


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