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The gameplay of this game is similar to the game known The Eternal Duelist Soul. Some improvements which don't impact the gameplay necessarily is the sound effects and music. The menus are much easy to use and you are now able to create three variety decks. You also have the option to link up with friends and duel.

List of Duelists (Deck Theme)

Tier 1

1. Tea Gardner (Maintain LP)

2. Tristan Taylor (High ATK)

3. Ryou Bakura (Basic)

4. Trusdale (Exodia)

5. Yugi Moto (Basic)

Tier 2

6. Rex Raptor (High DEF)

7. Espa Roba (Clairvoyance)

8. Weevil Underwood (Insects)

9. Bonz (Traps)

10. Mako Tsunami (Big Wave)

Tier 3

11. Mai Valentine (Harpie)

12. Bandit Keith (Machines)

13. Joey Wheeler (High ATK)

14. Maximillion Pegasus (Toonized)

Tier 4

15. Arkana (Tributes)

16. Rare Hunter (Exodia II)

17. Umbra and Lumis (Masquerade)

18. Strings (High DEF)

19. Odion (Trap Wave)

Tier 5

20. Ishizu Ishtar (Lightning)

21. Marik Istar (Darkness)

22. Seto Kaiba (Blue Eyes' Evolution)

23. Shadi (Balance on the Edge)

Tier 6

24. Simon (Exodia III)

25. Yami Bakura (Destiny Board)

26. Marik Ishtar/ Yami Marik (Low Level High Attack)

27. Duel Computer (Mirrored Deck)

28. Yami Yugi (Almighty)


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