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Who is He?

  • Yurt was sent to Boletaria as an assassin by Mephistopheles to exterminate every last human Demon Slayer and individual with knowledge of the Soul Arts. He is trapped in a cage in The Tower of Latria, world 3-2.
  • You can find him after you release the first chain from its shackles. Just go straight along the path, look to the right at the bright glowing lights, and head there. Be careful when dropping down to his location.

What's his Significance?

  • If rescued from his cell, he promises he won't forget the help of the player. He will return at the top of the main level in the Nexus, in the large alcove and to the right.
  • If left alive long enough, he will slowly start killing all the NPC's in the Nexus.

    Order of Yurt's Nexus Kills

    1. Two nameless NPC's.
    2. Freke's Apprentice (other Magic trainer).
    3. Patches, the Hyena.
    4. Saint Urbain and the Acolyte of God.
    5. Sage Freke.
    6. Yuria, the Witch (second unlockable alternate magic trainer).
    7. Talk to him in the Nexus, and he will try to kill You.

What Happens if I Kill Him?

  • Yurt wears a set of Gloom Armor that provides very high plague and poison resistance. He will drop the entire set of Gloom Armor if killed.
  • It is recommended that you kill him as soon as you release him from his cell, as he will not attack you no matter how many times you attack him. Killing him here will also not change your Soul or World Tendency.
  • Killing him mid-NPC killing spree will halt his rampage, but will not give back any of the NPC's or any of the services they may have offered.

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