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The middle child of five brothers, Yves Guillemont co-founded Ubisoft with his siblings in Brittany, France in 1986. Though the company was originally founded with the idea of publishing and distributing educational software, Yves would make deals with successful American PC publishers such as Electronic Arts, Sierra On-Line, MicroProse and LucasArts to distribute their games in France. The success of this distribution would lead to Ubisoft establishing its own internal development studio in the late eighties and expanding into the United Kingdom, America and Germany in the early nineties, which Yves was instrumental in helping facilitate. As Ubisoft expanded, became a public company in 1996 and grew to become the third largest games publisher in the world, Yves was ultimately appointed CEO and Chairman of the Board, a position he has held since 2000.

Yves also serves on the Board of Directors of two other companies co-founded by him and his brothers: Guillemont Corporation, a computer hardware and peripheral manufacturer, and mobile developer Gameloft. Both companies, like Ubisoft, are publicly traded on the Paris stock exchange.

Outside of his leadership duties, Yves is a father of three and enjoys sailing and horseback riding. His favorite game is Rayman.

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