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    Z Fighters

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    Defenders of Earth and the Dragon Balls in the Dragon Ball Universe.

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    A small group of fighters formed with the purpose of protecting Earth and preventing the Dragon Balls from falling into the wrong hands.

    What makes the Z Fighters coalition unique is the fact that most of the members were at some point an enemy of Goku that later joined the group out of necessity or changed their ways. Even Krillin that later becomes best friends with Goku hated him when they first met during their training with Master Roshi.

    The group is constantly evolving as members join, retire or die.

    Team Members

    Although the number of primary members are quite small the total number of associated characters gets quite long when you consider the various fusion forms of the members, the associated members and all of the supporters.

    The main cast of the Z Fighters are:

    The rest of the characters associated to this page are not primary members and should not be seen as actual Z Fighters.


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