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    Zack is the Dennis Rodman-like fighter from the Dead or Alive games. He uses a Muay Thai fighting style.

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    Zack is a 25 year old African-American male who is often shown bald or with a small amount of green hair and often wears sunglasses. Zack is 180cm (5'11") tall and weighs 78kg (172 lbs). He is portrayed as a constantly happy but rather greedy character, always seeking more money and fame. He enjoys entertaining his many fans and never disappoints them in his endeavors. He is also very upbeat and is never upset by setbacks.

    Outside of the Dead or Alive tournaments Zack works as a DJ and leads a leisurely life, his hobbies including billiards.


    Zack originally entered the Dead or Alive tournament to increase his fame and popularity. He is somewhat successful at doing this and ranks high enough to gain a cash prize. He enters the second dead or alive tournament to gain more fans and money and again succeeds at doing so. Throughout the first two Dead or Alive games Zack had a very big crush on Tina and made numerous attempts to make her fall in love with him, however all of these attempts failed and Zack eventually gave up trying to establish a relationship with Tina. Tina's overprotective father, Bass held a grudge against Zack for his crush on her and fought Zack in the second dead or alive tournament. There may also be some link between Zack, Bayman and Leon as they are good tag team partners, but if there is any great relevance in this it has not yet been revealed.

    After spending all of his previously earned money, Zack enters the third tournament to earn enough money to go on a Las Vegas vacation. It was in fact Ayane who defeated Omega and won the tournament but due to her taking leave from the tournament Zack claimed her prize. Zack then immediately traveled to Las Vegas and while there further increased his winnings. During his Vegas trip Zack met and fell in love with Niki and the two started dating. After his Las Vegas trip, Zack bought a tropical volcanic island which he named Zack Island and used to carry out a hoax, claiming that the fourth dead or alive tournament was being held there, to lure the female Dead or Alive fighters there for a series of volley ball tournaments.

    Unfortunately Zack Island sinks to the bottom of the ocean, leaving Zack with a debt one hundred times the original investment he put into the island and causing Niki to leave him. In an effort to recoup his losses Zack targets the DOATEC Tritower, but as he is climbing it the Mugen Tenshin attack it, setting the tower alight. However Zack escapes the tower, saving Helena's life by taking her with him. Zack also makes up with Niki and the two discover a large fortune while escaping an army of undead skeletons.

    Using the money he gains from an archaeological dig, he and Niki have Zack Island raised from the depths of the ocean with the help of extraterrestrials, renaming it New Zack Island. Zack once again sends out fake invitations for the next dead or alive tournament to lure the female Dead or Alive fighters back to the island. However the island soon erupts and while attempting to escape by helicopter Zack fell into the flames below, it is likely he is dead.

    Zack was portrayed by Brian J. White in the Dead or Alive movie, DoA: Dead or Alive, where he basically acted as Tina's love interest.

    Fighting Style

    Zack's a Muay Thai fighter, his fighting style is very flashy and seems to be executed in a very deliberately crowd-pleasing way. He also keeps up large amounts of talk during his fights, often confusing his opponents. Zack's strength lies in his quick strikes and ability to keep the opponent confused about what move he will make next.


    • Zack's blood type is O.
    • Zack's favorite food is ice cream.
    • In Japan, Zack is voiced by Bin Shimada. His English voice actors are Dennis Rodman in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and Khary Payton in Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2.
    • Zacks' similarity in appearance to Dennis Rodman is deliberate, Zack is directly based off of him.
    • Zack's birthday is April 3rd.
    • Zacks height is 180 cm / 5'11"

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