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    Zaeed Messani

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    Zaeed Massani is one of the most well known and feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, hired by Cerberus to help Shepard combat the Collectors.

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    Mission Assignment

    From: Illusive Man
    We've received an agreement with veteran mercenary Zaeed Massani. You may know the name: Zaeed has been involved in some of the best known (and some utterly unknown) military operations in the Terminus Systems, and is feared as a ruthless and relentless bounty hunter. I felt you might need a man with his skills on your mission, so I arranged to have him join you.
    You will find him on Omega, where he's wrapping up his current bounty. Don't worry about his fee. I've taken care of that personally.   


    Zaeed Massani is a bounty hunter and mercenary hired by Cerberus to fight by Commander Shepard's side as Shepard takes the fight to the Collectors in Mass Effect 2. Available as DLC for members of the Cerberus Network, Shepard meets Zaeed almost immediately upon arriving on Omega. Zaeed quickly establishes himself as a powerful ally in combat. A veteran of the Alliance military, it is revealed that he co-founded the Blue Suns mercenary group along with Vido Santiago, who betrayed him 20 years ago.

    Loyalty Mission "The Price of Revenge"

    Zaeed's loyalty mission unlocks immediately upon adding him to your crew. It takes place on the planet Zorya, where the Blue Suns are operating a refinery staffed by workers forced to work for the gang. Zaeed initially tells Shepard he was hired to liberate the refinery from the mercenary group, but reveals after arriving he is really there to kill his former partner Vido Santiago. Zaeed and Vido co-founded the Blue Suns 20 years earlier. After a successful start to their business, Vido betrayed Zaeed, shooting him in the head and left him for dead.
    Upon arrival at the gate of the refinery, Zaeed in an almost uncontrollable rage starts to batter his way through a pipe, causing an explosion which would destroy the gate but start a fire that threatens the whole facility. Shepard is presented with a choice to either go after Vido and leave the workers to perish in the fire at the refinery, or attempt to rescue the workers first and have Vido's location as a secondary priority. If Shepard pursues Vido, Zaeed shoots Vido in the leg in a puddle of flammable liquid, and then -- in slow motion -- ejects a spent heat sink from his gun to burn Vido alive. During the battles to get to Vido, Shepard can hear the terrified screams of the trapped nearby workers. If Shepard instead opts to save the workers, Vido escapes, enraging Zaeed further. In his rage, Zaeed instead starts a different fire with a spent heat sink, which triggers an explosion that traps him under falling debris. Shepard can then either leave him to die, or with enough Paragon points, convince him to put aside revenge for the greater mission, and still gain his loyalty.
    Finishing the mission and gaining the loyalty unlocks Zaeed's unique ability, the "Inferno Grenade" and grants the 15 point Revenge! achievement.

    Abilities and Specializations

    • Concussive Shot
    • Disruptor Ammo
    • Mercenary Veteran
    • Inferno Grenade **Unlocked when Zaeed is loyal**

    • Mercenary Warlord: "Zaeed's combat knowledge increases his weapon damage even further."
      • Health: 15%
      • Weapon Damage: 50%

    • Mercenary Commando: "Zaeed's hardened survival instincts increases his effective health."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 37.50%


    • Zaeed co-founded the Blue Suns.
    • A Blue Suns tattoo is visible on Zaeed's neck.
    • Zaeed is a survivor of a gunshot wound to the head which should have been fatal. Possibly explaining some of the scarring of his face.
    • Zaeed is located on Deck 4, the Engineering Level, in the Starboard Cargo Area which is to the right as you exit the elevator. His room has several objects of sentimental value to him, including his favorite gun "Jessie". You cannot speak with Zaeed through dialog trees in the manner of other party members, but selecting his objects will cause him to tell stories about them.

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