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    An orphan who becomes a mercenary to survive.

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    Zael is the protagonist of The Last Story. He lost his entire family at a young age and works as a mercenary to support himself. As an orphan he met and was befriended by Dagran. Together, the two entered the mercenary trade and started their own company; both he and Dagran are the only two remaining original members left of the band.

    Zael's ultimate goal in life is to become a knight. He He is a skilled swordsman and hopes to one day become a knight. He journeys with the rest of the company to Lazulis Island, where they hope to make better lives for themselves, but while fighting through some ancient ruins, he is granted a mysterious power that he uses to protect himself and his friends.

    Not long after arriving in Lazulis City, Zael meets Calista; a beautiful young woman and niece of the island's count. As the two fall for each other, Zael's life becomes filled with uphill battles as he must reconcile his place in life with his desire to be a knight, as well as realizing what he must do to remain true to himself and his friends.


    Zael's name in the European and North American release of the game is an anagram of his Japanese name, Elza.


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