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    Gang leader in Project Justice from Seijyun High. She secretly controls the entire student body without the knowledge of the staff.

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    Project Justice

    At the beginning of the Seijyun story arc, Zaki is approached by Akira and Yurika, requesting her help for an investigation in the recent school attacks. Before agreeing to help them, Zaki challenges them to a sparring match to test their resolve. After the match, Zaki reveals she was aware of Akira's connection to Daigo Kazama even though she had gone to great lengths to keep it a secret. The trio set off to find out why Daigo has been attacking the other schools. They are eventually attacked by "Batsu" during their investigation which leaves Zaki enraged. When the group confronts Batsu at Taiyo High he pleads his innocence leaving Zaki to suspect both strange occurrences are somehow linked. At a later point, Zaki and Akira are approached by some students from Seijyun saying that the gangs from Gedo High are gearing up to attack Seijyun Academy. Zaki and Akira rush back to Seijyun with Yurika nowhere to be found. As an all-out war between Seijyun and Gedo is about to erupt, Akira begs her brother to see reason. Both Edge and Gan join Akira and Zaki claiming that Daigo has gone berserk and won't listen to them. Zaki overhears some strange flute music in the background. The story can branch into one of two ways here.

    If a team-up move is used when fighting Daigo: Daigo awakens from his mind control after being beaten by the group. Zaki becomes suspicious by Yurika's absence. The team confronts Kurow Kirishima, who has been posing as Batsu in order to spread chaos between the schools, and finds Yurika, his sister, by his side. Yurika is deeply regretful of the pain she has caused them but attacks the group at her brother's command anyway. After being defeated, Kurow flees with Yurika following behind. Zaki and the team find Yurika holding Kurow's near lifeless body after being attacked by a possessed Hyo Imawano. After briefly reuniting to take down Demon Hyo, the group disbands.

    If Daigo is defeated without a team-up move: An enraged Daigo retreats from the scene. Just as Zaki and the group begin to lose hope of rescuing Daigo, Yurika appears and offers to take them to him much to their confusion. Yurika brings them before Daigo and Kurow and declares that she will no longer let her brother continue to spread chaos. This revelation shocks the gang but they put aside their grievances to defeat Kurow, Daigo and Momo. Kurow flees but gets into a fight with Hyo Imawano and promptly loses but not before releasing the evil spirit in Hyo's sword which possesses him and attacks the girls.

    Two weeks after the incident, Zaki is seen trying to console Akira who is worried about Yurika. Just then, Yurika shows up at the school gate and Akira rushes over to greet her. Zaki is last seen thinking about how much fun Akira and Yurika will make her school life going forward.


    "Female Cold Gang Leader"

    Zaki fights Hinata.
    Zaki fights Hinata.

    Zaki is initially seen as a cold and unsociable person who likes to keep to herself but gradually warms up to people as her story progresses. She is highly confrontational and has little time for people who don't voice their thoughts and feelings. As a former leader of a prolific gang known as the "5,000 ladies, Zaki's family decided to enroll her into Seijyun High to straighten her out and turn her into a "pure" woman. As a result, Zaki has a deep disdain for teachers and other adults she deems useless. This attitude is also extended towards men who she feels act like spoiled brats. Despite all this, she has a soft spot for children.


    Zaki with Akira and Yurika.
    Zaki with Akira and Yurika.
    • Zaki's parents seem to spend little time with her due to work schedules, leaving her mostly in the care of her strict grandparents.
    • Academically, Zaki excels in physics but has poor grades in physical education. This is because she routinely skips the class due to her dislike of her gym uniform which she deems too 'showy'.
    • She was forced to join the tea ceremony and flower arrangement clubs but quickly ditched them.
    • She has no time for part-time jobs due to secretly running the school's gang.
    • Zaki's design is modeled after Sukeban which means delinquent girl or boss girl in Japanese and is the equivalent to the male banchō. The term is exclusively used to refer to the leader of a girl gang.
    • She is very skilled at Cat's Cradle.
    • She is voiced by Ai Orikasa, who also voiced Mega Man in Mega Man 8.
    • She appeared as a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2 Expand Edition.

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