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    Zalbaag Beoulve

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    Zalbaag Beoulve is the older brother of Ramza Beoulve. He is a noble knight that is slain by his brother Dycedarg as the evil Lucavi "Adrammelech", only to be ressurected as a zombie and slain again by his brother Ramza - albeit reluctantly.

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    Zalbaag is a character from Squaresoft's strategy RPG Final Fantasy Tactics which was originally released on the Sony Playstation. He is the older brother of the protagonist Ramza and a young nobleman who occupies a high military position in the kingdom of Ivalice.

    He is the more sympathetic of Ramza's two elder brothers, as while the oldest sibling Dycedarg is a duplicitous, unscrupulous schemer, Zalbaag is a more sincere and approachable figure, and shows more understanding of Ramza's disposition. He displays a degree of interest, and confusion in the disparity between the goals of the revolutionary Death Corps, and their methods(like kidnapping) unlike another noble Algus, who dismissed them as honorless criminals.

    Zalbaag later falls out with Ramza when he implicates him in some of Dycedarg's underhanded plots, he becomes furious, having had no part in any of these plans, as well as being totally unwilling to accept that their eldest older brother could do something so immoral.

    However, for all his virtue, it was still under Zalbaag's direct orders that Delita's sister Teta was killed, a fact never really directly addressed by Zalbaag or anyone else.

    Zalbaag's unique job class is Arc Knight, a title that he shares with the Marquis Elmdor, though they have no abilities in common. Zalbaag's version gives him several abilities that allow him to lower several target's stats from a distance.


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